How to go for IIFT part – 2

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Static GK :-

(6) Sports : Apart from mentioned all four above fields , do whatever your time limit allows you to do so .

(7) Some organisations like SEBI , FMC , IRDA , Finance commission ,affairs of Economic council ,RBI , their heads , advisers.

(8) People like Chief justice of India , Chief marshal , chief election officer etc.

(9) Some famous awards like Emmy , Academy[do see all Indians and their respective category in which they won] , Grammy ,Magsaysay ,Booker prize , International booker prize , Pulitzer prize , Noble prize , Templeton ,National film awards , Dada saheb Phalke [see recent award winners and Indians who made their landmark in some international awards ] for 2012 -2013.

(10)Recent brands , their ambassadors and their taglines (Look for famous actors and find out which brands they are promoting ).Some famous networks like TV18 , India today etc.[Focus more on TV commercial breaks].Some banks are especially asked for their taglines.

(11)Revise some basics about Indian Constitution like Preamble , Article 12 to 35(fundamental rights ) , Amendments (like 42nd , 73rd and 74th ) , five Writs , Basic knowledge of Rajya Sabha ,Lok sabha , High courts , Election commission ,Planning commission , NDC ,Finance Commission .

(12)SEZ’s and their recent news ,FDI ,GDP , Inclusive development , Human Development Index , Census 2011 .

(13)Some famous books and their authors like “The lowlands” by Jhumpa Lahiri etc .

(14) Cartoon characters and their makers.

(15) Basic knowledge of Indian history like Mohan jodaro , Harrapan Civilization , Chandragupta and so on .Only basic knowledge.

(16) Space ,ISRO and satellite history and recent one year events in it

Take any of book like Lucent or Manorama( or anythings which compiles all GK ), But do not petrify yourself by looking over its length . just selection of qualitative topics is required.

Current GK : – I can say this is mammoth task , But still past 6-7 months current events will be suffice .You can take following sources [But remember use only one otherwise their length might give you an attack ].

(I) If you are a Time student , I found magazines distributed by them really good and short as well ,so have a Jugaad of it.

(II) If you are a CL student ,Daily solve 40 questions of Gyan Dhara daily ,So your one month will be covered in two days .

(III)You can use Pratiyogita Darpan ,But its length is too vast ,so be selective about filtering of info.

(IV) Be regular on pagalguy thread , It will update you about multitude of info which you can not get anywhere else.

(V) Be honest with if you have some other material.

So this was from my side ,this may be helpful to some extent.If I found something else I will write its third part or you can also provide your inputs in respective GK threads .This will also cover other entrance GK .So Puys start GK and nail IIFT .Because the best is yet to be .Good-luck for all future exams.Link for part-1 :-