How to go for IIFT – Part 1

Well last year it was first time I wrote for IIFT ,I studied only for 6-7 days, Though I was not successful ,but still somehow I managed around 45.xx marks .This year I realized some strategy and I feel this may go helpful to some of you so here it goes …..

Quant : This area is very similar (and user friendly to those ones who burned their midnight oil for CAT) to other entrance exams.

Verbal ability :

(1) Although here passages are long but by a mere reading of questions direct answers can be easily located.

(2) IIFT is very much focused on Vocab so if you are short of vocab ,then in such a short span I will suggest you to go for Norman Lewis word power ‘s short dictionary [It is possible to cram those in 14-15 days by spending an hour ].

Rest section is similar to other exams and they are on easier side .

DI and LR :-

(1) DI’s are simple but very very calculation intensive ,Just take past 5-6 years IIFT year papers and solve it thoroughly.This will more than sufficient.

GK :-

I know here everybody looking for this one.People might think that It is a herculean task to do .But trust me IIFT asks for very refreshing GK .I researched over this part and I divided my findings into two sections Static and Current GK .

Static GK :- some areas are favorites of IIFT people .Each and every year they are very keen to ask from this strata so results of my research are :–

(1)Coastlines , airports , highways and seaports .Only basic knowledge like their length , number ,shortest , longest etc .such topics will be suffice .

(2)Countries [especially European] with their capital and currency.Every year one question from this area is asked so start mugging it from today.

(3)International organisations like UNESCO , WHO , UN , SAARC , ASEAN , UNO ,IMF , G8 , G20 , EU etc .their headquarters and current heads .

(4)Names of Ratna , Maharatna , Fortune 500 [ cram top 10 and Indian companies among top 500 ] ,their CEO’s and current President.

(5) Women CEO’s , Google and find out the list of some famous ones and mug it.

(6)Sports is their among favorites[especially football] .But they are mainly looking for recent events.But still this has to be sub-categorized :-

(I)Go for all past year football events ( take care of women football also ).

(II)Basic Cricket history like old world-cup history and some famous Indian records and player [Sachin is taking leave from cricket ,so may be this year they can ask about him].

(III) Some majedaar Olympics history like India’s hockey. Some scandals like Ben johnson ,Armstrong etc . [Do not leave football here].

(IV) Recent Tennis events.

It is only 30-40 Percent .Word limit is not allowing me to describe at full length .So link for part2 :-