How to Get Rejected in a Job Interview

Every year thousands of students in India are awarded an MBA or a PGDM. While half of them are recruited by organizations of various stature; a few of them might end up with a low-paying job or may not get a job at all.

What exactly goes wrong?

Are these candidates not skilled enough?

Didn’t they attend classes, seminars, internship programs with their batch-mates?

No! It’s because they work too hard to get rejected. It actually depends largely on how you behave, perform and deliver at a job interview. Here are a few tips that you should follow if you really want to flunk that interview:

§ Do not be Confident: Interviewers wish to see confidence oozing out of a candidate. But that will defeat your purpose. You must act nervous, show a lot of hesitancy and shiver like a leaf out in a cold winter breeze to get rejected. Dress in a shabby fashion so as not to raise any suspicion about your lack of seriousness.

§ Carry a chaotic Resume: The best thing you can do is to not carry a CV at all. But in case, you intend to carry one into the interview room, make sure that you fill in the columns with irrelevant stuff like how many plays you took part in your 3rd standard; how fishing is your favorite hobby etc. The interviewers want to know about your recent academics and experience to be able to select you; so, never highlight your performance at your grad school and management classes.

§ Speak only evil: Tell the recruiters how your college and MBA program wasted two precious years of your life; how your professors bored you with their trainings and skill development workshops; how you wished you were part of a rock band or a painter instead! Do not give out any hints about how you grew during your PGDM/MBA years.

§ Using your Cellphone: Your cellphone may be used as a powerful tool to get your mission of “getting rejected” accomplished. Your interview panel expects you to keep your phone in a silent mode tucked well inside your pocket. But trust me, you need to flaunt it, showcase how picky and trendy you are and must keep fiddling with it to get closer to your goal

§ Get personal with the interviewer: Since the HR manager is asking you questions about your academic life, work experience and other things; it’s time for you to get personal too. Ask him whether he liked Julia Roberts or not, if he preferred Football over cricket and other irrelevant questions. Don’t waste time asking him about the position that is offered, responsibilities they expect you to handle and opportunities you the job may offer you.

When you are done with the job interview, do not pause to thank them. You are not supposed to be polite or behave well, at all! Rush out of the interview session and prepare yourself to get rejected in the next interview. After all, it needs preparation and hard work; isn’t it?

Disclaimer: This Article has been written by a member of Corporate Communications Team at Fortune Institute of International Business and doesn’t reflect the views of the Institute.