How to earn, for ‘would-be’ engineers

We should stop wasting time, in over connecting through social media! I feel sorry for my friends who waste hours and hours of their precious time on Facebook or on any other social media it may be, which doesn’t give back anything at the end of the day.

At this point of time where i know something about the potential of constructive nature of internet, i can’t even look back where i used to waste 8-10 hours of continuous online gaming! I would recommend my fellow friends through this post, that kindly think out of the shell (beyond your age). Gaming or Facebooking is not everything in the world. Here i am to list some of the ways by which students, teens, or whoever it may be, would feel blessed to know, the list of money making ventures.

There are many ways which you can earn money while studying, but first you have to decide what kind of work you want to do. Are you interested in online or offline work?

Online work is tough initially but if you get the groove of it, you will earn unlimited.

Offline work is relatively easy and you can start immediately. The earning is usually limited here.

Offline work:

1.  Join as a part-time at places like Barista, McD, Cafes.

2. Open your own shop in your college campus. Last time I visited LPU, I found many students are running their juice shop. You don’t really need to sit there all the time, as you can hire someone who manages thing for you and you just need to supervise.

Online work: This is what I recommend for engineering students , as chances of growth here is high. Moreover, you will learn things which will help you in your future.

1.  Freelance writing: If you are a good writer, you can start with writing for others. You can use site like oDesk, the world’s largest online workplace, Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online to find writing jobs.

2.  Virtual-Assistant: This is another smart way by which you can earn money online and you will be paid hourly. Depending upon your skills you can earn from $1 t0 $50/hour.

3.  Sell some services: You should check out Get everything you need starting at $5 and you will find many people selling skills for as low as $5. Most of these things are easy and you can do the same. Read about things like “Things to sell on Fiverr” “how to make money from Fiverr”

4.  Blogging: Blogging is another awesome thing you can do but it takes time for you to move ahead. You should read this: Why Engineering Students Should Blog which will give you enough idea of blogging.