Getting ready for your first job interview? Along with your great resume, values and skills that you have to offer to the organisation, wearing the right attire also plays an important role in creating a good first impression. While there are no absolute rules, it would be best to dress one notch above your usual dressing. If you have bought a new suit or shirt, trousers and shoes, make sure you feel comfortable in your clothes and in your shoes too. If this is very your first job interview, we have a few suggestions that will help you.

Research and Plan Ahead

Read up about the company’s culture. Take a look at their website and social media pages. This will give you an idea about the company, as well as the appropriate attire to wear for your interview. For instance, if the company has a highly corporate environment with most employees dressed in suits and crisply ironed shirts, then by all means wear formal attire with a nice belt. But make sure you don’t over-accentuate it with bling accessories. Keep it subtle, yet stand out. If it is a more casual environment, wear a proper fitting pair of jeans or chinos with a crisp solid coloured shirt and smart jacket.

Be Prepared

Shake off your anxiety if any. Ensure that you head to bed early for a good night’s sleep, and wake up early on the day of your interview. Remember to iron your suit/ shirt and trousers the previous day so that you won’t face a last minute rush. If possible, rehearse your interview with a friend or by yourself by standing in front of a mirror. Body language and expressions are very important, as they determine your level of confidence. Don’t forget to have a good laugh, and listen to some music too. Loosening up will put you at ease and help you stay polite and cordial. If you feel nervous when the interview begins, know that it’s alright to feel that way. Just go with the flow and smile.

Pick the
Right Clothes

A suit is
the best suited attire for an interview. Balance your look by wearing a light
coloured shirt and a dark coloured jacket and trousers. Or vice-versa. Choose
cottons or viscose blends over linens as linens tend to crease easily.

Men can pick darker shades for their suit or shirts. If you choose a patterned
shirt, go for one that is not jarring or intimidating. A crisply ironed plain
white shirt with a single coloured tie is your best bet. Wear neutral coloured
shoes that balance with your clothes.

Women may wear trousers or a skirt with a matching or contrasting colour shirt
(plain or striped), avoiding patterns. Your skirt’s hemline should be just a
little bit above your knee. Wear one or two inch heels, or less. Make sure you
can walk comfortably.

Have a
clean shave in the morning. Avoid wearing deodrants, colognes, or perfumes.
Women may like to wear a nice lipstick and light make up if required.

All the

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