How to create your own logo using the LogoMyWay Logo Maker

There is a new company in town. Yours. And you have been involved with each and every step from the idea phase to the grand opening phase. You have embraced the entrepreneurial spirit, and you wear it well.

Now it is time for that same spirit to embody the creative process of designing your company logo. Your company logo. Doesn’t that sound cool? Your Company, and your logo. Say it again!

There were many things tied around getting your business off the ground. And there will be several things in getting your logo off the ground and where it needs to be. But you don’t have a clue where to begin. Here’s an idea. Just head on over to Logo My Way and let the logo designing process begin to take form.

How to Get Going

At LogoMyWay, designing your very own logo has never been easier. There are options from hiring a freelance graphic designer to starting a contest to make the designers vie for your business or use the free version of the online logo maker. If options are what you want then at Logo My Way options, you shall have.

You may have a design in mind. Or you may be starting from a totally blank canvas. Either way, you can find the resources and the help to make this logo just like your Company. Awesome!

You can choose from a library of ready made logo designs that may be just what you are looking for. If so, then let the celebration begin. But if the ready made version isn’t quite right, you can totally customize it. You can change font, size, or color to make it yours for your Company and your brand. And you get full commercial rights to the logo you choose.

When you decide that you have a winner, you can then download all of the high-resolution vector files that will make your logo scalable on any medium. It will look great on billboards or business cards. And don’t forget about all of that stuff you are going to be using when you get ready for that upcoming trade show!

What if I Want To Add Something?

Nothing can be quite as frustrating as seeing your brand new logo and realizing that it’s missing something. Think about a beautiful door…that swings the wrong way. Something like that. You have this wonderful new company logo that you poured a ton of effort into, but it does nothing to promote you or your brand.

This is probably one of those instances where the help of a freelance graphic designer can be well worth the added cost. What good is an open for a business sign if it doesn’t say open for business?

The sign, in this case, your logo needs to not only look good, but it needs to tell your story. And if you don’t incorporate that story into your logo, then you need to add something.

Since you already have all of the digital files for your logo, it will be a very easy thing to use a designer to spice up what needs to be extra spicy instead of child mild.

Logo My Way has literally thousands of freelance graphic designers that are just waiting for you to want to add that something extra. Get them involved and turn that lukewarm logo into one that is so boiling hot it just can’t be touched. They are there for you.

Think About…

These are just a few things for you to think about when using the Logo My Way Logo Maker

  • Think about the template. If you use one of their many ready made logos just take a bit of time with the selection process. You can make changes but the template that you pick out is going to be the canvas where you or your designer do some logo painting. So choose wisely.
  • Think about the colors. Try to stay away from colors that are complicated. If that new logo looks awesome in plain black and white, run with it. Clean, simple lines on a black and white format is really quite the eye-catcher.
  • Think about the font. Have you ever looked through how many available fonts there really are? It’s crazy stupid. Pick one out that lends a bit of character to your logo, but not too much. Be tasteful. And be demanding. If you know how you want the lettering, sample every font till you get the one that says, here it is.

Paying attention to detail will help you design the perfect logo. And there is no better way to do that than getting just the right template and using the right colors and font.

Some of the Features of Logo My Way’s Logo Maker

These following items are some of the key takeaways from just how easy it is to design your logo at Logo My Way. There are a lot of other advantages to using Logo My Way, but these are just the main points to consider when picking out your Logo Maker.

  • The Logo Maker at Logo My Way is so super easy to use. A lot of time and talent went into making the user interface extremely user friendly.
  • Once you decide on your logo, you get all of the digital files you could possibly need to make your logo totally scalable.
  • Every logo designed at Logo My Way is 100% unique and very professional.
  • Logo My Way is there to help in many ways. The two most important being time and money!
  • Logo My Way provides 24/7 customer support. You can call them anytime about anything.

Logo My Way’s Logo Maker FAQs

Q. Will I be the sole owner of my new logo from Logo My Way?

A. In a word, YES. Your new logo comes completely copyrighted and is totally yours 100%. You own it!

Q. Will it cost me anything?

A. You will have a lot to choose from as far as different packages. There is the free version but for a totally all-inclusive logo design package, there will be a modest charge.

Q. Why should I choose Logo My Way for a Logo Maker?

A. The first thing that you will notice about the logos at Logo My Way is the number of high-quality ready-made logos in their library. Designers from all over the world keep the library stocked with fresh, original logo ideas.

Q. How long does this process take?

A. The total time from start to finish depends a lot on the amount of work that you want to put into your logo. The free version can supply you with a ready-made logo for use today, and using a professional graphic designer can take as few as 2 or more than 10 to perfect your logo design.


Now you should be a better-informed logo designer. That’s another name you can add to your title. While there are many other facets to using Logo My Way’s Logo Maker, these listed and discussed here should provide you with an excellent starting point.

Your logo is your 24/7 business card. Your logo should be on your payroll as your most loyal employee. Your logo is at work when you are not. So take some time and explore your options because you actually get to create this model employee.

At no other time in business history has it been easier for you to design your company logo, and Logo My Way makes it all possible.

The LogoMyWay Logo Maker is a clear favorite in the world of logo design. So are you ready to take on the business world and show off that new Logo My Way design?