How to choose a specialization subject in the Management Course

How to choose a specialization subject in the Management Course Most of the MBA colleges make the students opt for a subject for specialization in the second year of the MBA course. The general specialization subjects in MBA are Human Resource, Finance Marketing, Information Technology, Operations etc. What to choose from the wide array of subjects? Will this be a good career decision? Will this open job opportunities? Such questions stump students badly and the confusion doubles when some colleges go in for dual specialization.

Here is the gist of points that should be kept in mind while opting for a specialization subject. First and foremost one’s interest in a particular subject should be considered. Often students opt for a particular field just because their friends are going for it or seeing the trend. This is absolutely wrong. A field that one does not enjoy studying should never be opted for; as such choices can lead to disastrous time during examinations.

Besides this, those good at Quant and have a lot of analytical skills, can consider taking Finance as a specialization .Students with good communication, lots of self-confidence and people skills can make for a successful career in HR. Specializations in Operations take you to the world of Production Management which covers the concepts like product creation and development, distribution, logistics, quality control. Those who can adapt and adjust, negotiate well with people and are meticulous in work can go in for this field. Students who love to observe, investigate, evaluate or solve problems, can interact with people well, do not take stress and have a good communication skill should go for Marketing.

Lastly, one has to understand that most companies are not looking for experts of a domain rather generalists who can work across many verticals. So, even if you join in a finance division; it is not impossible that you might find yourself working in some other division after some years. Organizations conduct career pathing to make an employee further his career according to his skills, experience and knowledge either laterally that is department transfers or vertically by promotions. So even if you feel that you chose a wrong specialization all is not lost, the switch is always possible anytime.

Rituparna Prasoon

(Faculty – H.R)