How to best prepare for the future

“Whatever we have done is the past is reflected in our present and whatever we are doing the results will be seen in the future”. “Our brain works with maximum efficiency when it is not preoccupied”. The two statement mentioned above gives a co-relation between the future and the way it should be handled.

To begin with, we live in a competitive world where every minute we are being dragged into the thoughts of our future. We set our goals, we chalk a plan for the same and then we start running the race to achieve it. They steps prescribed are very important to achieve success in life. We spend the whole life making our future bright to brighter and taking all the pain in the present. But one thing which remains unclear is that what is the beginning of the “Future”? Do we have any specific time period when we say that now the present is our and the future has arrived? No. “Tomorrow never comes”, whenever we think that we have catch hold tomorrow it changes to today and again we find our self on the same track working for the coming tomorrow.

While chasing the dreams we miss the present. The best thing is to enjoy the present and face the future. For example:- In any tournament an underdog team or contestant is the most dangerous one. The one with the minimum expectation turns the tide on, he is the one likely to cause a miracle. Because it is always the unexpected thing which results into the miracle. And the same team plays fearlessly because they are not bothered about the results, their shoulder are not shrugged with expectation and they have no one to prove anything. They can go out and have a time of their life.

We need to face the future unprepared because when we start preparing for it, we end up thinking of a lot many possibilities and ending up nowhere, infact wasting our time in present not bothering about the valuable 86400 diamonds which gets en cashed every day in our account with a new beginning.

To sum up, we need to make our self stronger to face any situation but at the same enjoy your present without bothering about the future results.