How Social Media is changing Movie Marketing?

Indian Film was predominantly marketed by various offline mediums like TV, Radio, Outdoor & PR where majority of the ad spends were skewed towards such mediums. But lately with the advent of Social Media into the movie marketing landscape the pre-release promotion of a movie has morphed completely. Major Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram are being used heavily to create buzz around the movie and keep the users hooked towards any comings and goings of the movie.

Why marketers are using Social Media?

Marketers are leveraging social media not only because it is inexpensive medium to create buzz about the film but most importantly they are leveraging the desire which pushes a user on social media to take action. Social media by its personality is fast paced, engaging, entertaining, empowering and communal in nature. And the individual using social media believes in content which is entertaining, empowering, engaging and reaches him/her first. Marketers have identified certain triggers (desires) which they are leveraging in their content strategy no matter in whichever genre they are releasing the movie.

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