“What ever you’ve today might not be with you tomorrow”…Anonymous.
I prefer to cook myself sometimes (i love it)and it gives me a sense of pleasure and to my mind it’s just relaxation. Though it might not be an achievement for many but it provides me a sense of accomplishment to me. And, the the reason for that might be (at least I think ) I get the results in very little time. I can even consider cooking for the whole day and seriously it won’t make much of a difference to me because I know that at the end of the day I will have the results with me. Be it bad or good OR be the stuff that I am making have an hungry audience or it will go straight to my family pack abs , it will get reviewed soon. The hungry audience always appreciate it,they don’t have much of choice, but I too know the results deep inside my heart and can judge my efforts right there.

Had the process of taking “The Exam” ( you Know what I talking about) be so soon result oriented I would love to do that again and again and again push myself to go for it once more, if I not succeeded the last time. Had it been the process of some months or even more than a quarter of a year I would seriously brace myself to do that bloody preparation once again and go into the arena once more. But I know,I am not boiling my eggs here or I ain’t cooking for a long weekend picnic, rather what I am doing is making myself more vulnerable to the process and then taking my sword out for just one day in a year.Lucky me if I’ve that shiny surface with the sharp edge ready to cut it through on that particular d-day! ;but no luck for three times.

Now ,I think for me the time is gone and I too will move on with it.For the time being I don’t think that I have it in me what it takes to prepare it again. I’ve chosen the road less traveled hoping that it will lead me to the same destination,how much time it will take will not be a consideration here. But I have decide to enjoy watching the eggs getting cooked and if not fully at least I can content myself with a half fry also.

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