How ‘Money’ defines ‘Choice’ and ‘Personality’

Imagine a situation where Sonam Kapoor, considered the fashion diva of India, is given Rs. 1500 and asked to get a dress designed for her. Now imagine her on the red carpet of Cannes wearing the same dress. And now imagine what kind of news piece we will be reading regarding her fashion statement the next day!

Imagine a billionaire who has no taste or class in choice of clothes, walking into an Armani showroom. Naturally he’ll walk out with something classy, however bad his choice is. It’s Armani after all!

Here is why and how money influences choice. A pair of trousers bought for rupees 1100 can no way match those having worth 50000+. A Zara coat costing 10000+ can easily beat any classy shade of a coat bought for Rs. 1500.

Hundreds of cookery shows show dishes being made out of atleast 20-25 ingredients. While I agree cooking is an art and not everybody can be good at it, naturally if one uses so many (and all required) ingredients, and knows cooking fairly well, he will come up with something tastier as compared to a very good cook who can arrange just ten of the required items. I mean, on one hand a person spends 1000 rupees to buy 3 different kinds of cheese to make a proper pizza and on the other, someone uses bread as a base for it. Will it be tough for you to choose which one to have?

It’s not that money is the be all and end all, but it sure puts things in different perspectives for different people having the same situation.

If one’s pocket is having some weight, it’s not tough to choose from a buffet of choices which are all the way better than those available for the ones who may just afford things rather than choose them. This doesn’t necessarily means the rich ones have a better choice, but then they ends up with better things. So ultimately, however good choice one has, money proves to be a major, rather biggest deciding factor in most cases. It might not define one’s personality, but sure reflects a part of it in many ways. No denying in that.

Money sometimes makes things easy for losers and tough for winners. Sometimes the difference can be overcome, sometimes not. When it can’t be overcome, money wins!