How many of CAT 2014 toppers have you identified so far?

The big high for any MBA aspirant in India has always been  the CAT exam and subsequently the announcement of the CAT topper (s). This year, as in CAT 2014 had  a record  number of toppers – all 16 of them. But only a few have been identified so far. 

Ironically, while the number of toppers jumped this time, the drama around them took a bad beating. Most  have been able to identify only a handful. The entire line of 16 are  unknown , even a good 12 days after the declaration of the results. 

One coaching institute said that his ‘top’ candidates have pleaded with him not to publish their photographs on billboards or brochures. “It is ill omen to talk about it before the admission happens,” they have justified to the coaching institute boss.

But that one coaching institute leave apart, there has been a general lack of excitement towards CAT toppers this year. The hunger to know who all made it just seems to have vanished. Blame it on the declining craze for the MBA in India or just too many toppers to keep tabs on. 

If you know of any CAT 2014 topper, please list.