How important are Facebook ‘Likes’!

100+ likes on Facebook seems to be a pageant these days. It’s astonishing as well as quite a development that a social networking site, designed for people to connect and share their updates suddenly became a platform of judgement, and that too on the basis of number of likes (in other words, the number of people who took out one second from their super busy schedule to hit like on a randomly appearing pic of any one of their 500 friends in their news feed).

It might sound as if someone not so popular and a non-100 like-getter is writing this article to show he is fine and doesn’t care. Well, yes it is true. If too many people like my status or pics, it never makes me more handsome or intelligent. If no one likes my status, it doesn’t mean I have pooped on my wall. It doesn’t freaking mean anything at all. It’s just a status or a pic. What means and bothers is the fact that people discuss this stupid theory of like versus credibility in their normal day to day conversion.

Here are some examples:

‘Remember my friend in Miranda, she uploaded a stupid pic of hers and got 250 likes.’

‘As soon as I put up the status- Placed #Wipro, I got like a 50 likes in just 10 minutes’.

‘You see the hottest girl in the college is in 3rd year, just check her Facebook profile, 938 likes on the latest one. She looks like a model’

938 likes means she’s hot. I’ll show you a way hotter girl in the same college on Facebook, who has 160 people in her friend list and probably could only get 55 people to ‘like’ her pic and considerably, appreciate her hotness quotient. But little does the poor girl know, she’s not going to be hot until she had 1000 Facebook friends ‘liking’ her pic. Atleast not for the guys who judge by number of likes.

Some super intelligent people tag like 100 friends in their pic and try getting attention (I mean ‘likes’).

Stupidity is at it’s maximum level when some people do various experiments to increase the number of ‘likes’ on their pics by changing their profile pic again and again to bring it in the news feed and get it ‘liked’ by more number of people every time. I came to know this recently, and it was a ROFL moment. I mean, who would have thought of that?

And the last and ultimate level of desperation for ‘likes’ reaches when I receive a message by someone saying “Please like my new pic”.

The funny part is that those whose pics are actually ‘liked’ by people in large number (without doing such cheap experiments) are the least bothered ones. The chaos is in the minds of a few other people who think getting liked on Facebook decides their credibility.

Wrong! It may decide one’s popularity, but not someones worthiness, beauty, goodness and character at all. Large number of likes may correspond to popularity of a person, but never his/her personality.

As this article discusses the issue of ‘likes’, and I am not one of the like-mongers mentioned above, if this one gets recommended, ignore liking in a second and instead take out 30 seconds to share your views over it!