How I Met You: 1. How it began

Straight out from school, excited to experience ‘life’ as people put it, college was something I was looking forward to. I had a very different notion about college. Freedom, that is what college meant to me. The last two years of school wasn’t exactly a happy phase for me. It changed my life, the path of my life, changed a major part of me. I was both excited and scared to step into this new phase of my life. I was excited about getting to experience something new. Scared because I was unsure how I’d take on the new things. I had been scarred. I knew facing things was going to be difficult. But I was hoping I’d find a way about it, like I do most of the times.

Someone once said, “Share your deepest darkest secret with someone you trust. Even if you don’t have that someone, find a group of people, who’ll accept you as you and will be ready to take on your secrets .” For an average person, it might look like a vague advice. But for me, it was probably the secret of living my life again. And so, I took the advice and started looking for friends in this new world.

Entrance exams came, went by, results were out, and the future became slightly clearer. It was all a blur before. It was all about, hopping from one college to another, in hopes of getting an admission somewhere. Finally, ended up in a college and guess what? It was a women’s college. That really was the biggest disappointment. Always been a complete tomboy, surrounded by men all these 17 years and now this? This was really a bummer. Girls were never the kind of species I could talk with, without having a cat fight in the first 10 minutes of the conversation. Resigned, I stepped inside the classroom.

Entry to the dreaded classroom:

Sheesh, look at all the girls around. It was kind of disgusting for me.

There were so many scantily dressed girls around. It literally brought tears to my eyes. Antics, make-up, clothes, behaviour-everything about them was making me woozy. The first day was terrible. Unending rounds of introductions, formations of groups, formations of sub-groups of groups. I just wanted to run back home.

Four days into this hell hole, I find myself getting an opportunity to change my college! Oh the joy! Woohooooo!!! …………….