NAME- Damini Singh

Final Selection: PO (BANK OF INDIA) IBPS PO – IV 2014 

Exams given- IBPS SO 2012- cleared sectional cut offs but missed overall cut off by 5 marks.

SBI PO 2013- didn’t clear

IBPS PO 2013- missed by 2 marks written

RBI GRADE B 2014- missed phase one by 2 marks

RBI ASSISTANT 2014- missed written by 3-4 marks

SBI PO 2014- MY overall score was 110 but I missed DI SECTION by 4 marks.

SBI ASSISTANT 2014- missed final merit list by 3 marks… got 30/35 in interview

SSC CGL 2013- cleared part 1 and gave part 2 but exam got cancelled then gave again cleared CGL tier 1 but didn’t give part 2 because it was clashing with some other exam. My exam center was in Mumbai and other for one in Delhi for other so could not give.

IBPS RRB 2013 AND 2014 – ALSO CLEARED BUT Hindi speaking state RRBs never called.

IBPS PO 2014 – CLEARED and allotted BANK OF INDIA.

SBI ASSOCIATE PO – Interview given and waiting for final result.

I am sharing my success story because firstly I wanted to thank my two best friends who believed in me all along and secondly I wanted to speak to all people who are in the same situation that I was in. I want to tell you all don’t give up… the only failure in life is the fear of failure… keep going and most importantly REALIZE UR MISTAKES… And correct them…

DON’T PLAY THE BLAME GAME.. FRIENDS.. If I have failed in clearing exams it was my – and only my – mistake and nobody else’s.

I have scored well in 3 sections and in one section I scored in single digits, which brought my whole score down. So from this you can take a lesson and realise which section is your weak section and work on it.

Every time you don’t clear an exam, tell yourself that in the next exam, I will not make the same mistake and challenge
yourself to score better in the upcoming exam.

One small but very important advice: when
you give an online exam, write down your attempts of every section from the
screen, which shows the number of questions you have attempted in your exam.  I noted down all on my hand after each exam and maintained
a diary and recorded them. When results come, check your attempted questions and
score. This will help you to realize how many times you repeated the same mistake, what is our error margin, etc. In the next exam attempt
wisely and score well in the exam.

I want to thank – and educational sites for help and support in my preparation. I got helped equally from these two sites in my exam and in interview preparation.

All The Best

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