How Do You Apply Artificial Intelligence to HR ?

Here is my GD PI experience:

HRM: XAT 96.842,GK 68.111

Work ex- 3.5 years 10th – 90, 12th – 94, Grad – 77

Location – Bangalore, 17th March

GD topic – Does focus on outcome kill productivity.

Started the discussion, gave a structure to the GD. Pitched in with 3 points, ranked the arguments, gave a summary.

I believe it’s a decent GD performance.

PI: Only 2 interviewers in the panel. Both male.

P1: As soon as I entered the room, P1 said – you have a very good percentage in 12th.(94 – AP state board)

Me: I said yes.

P1: So tell me about education system in AP.

Me: AP’s education system focusses on quantitative skills. We develop good skills in Maths, Physics etc. But there is a flaw, we don’t have many practical sessions to give us exposure.

P1: You didn’t have labs in your schooling.

Me: We have labs in +2, but not till 10th standard.

P1: Compare the work profile of the 2 organisation you have worked in. Me: Told about my work profiles.

P1 – Give me the most challenging work you have done till now. Me: Gave a situation, where i delivered a script for a telecom network element’s upgrade. I told that I didn’t have scripting knowledge till then, but still managed to deliver the script and customer was very satisfied.

No further questions from P1. In the meanwhile P2 looked at my file.

P2: Tell me about artificial intelligence.

Me: (I believe this question was raised because of a research paper of mine in cognitive networks) We humans have cognitive ability which separates us from machines. If we also apply the same learning ability to machines, that is called AI.

P2: What is your opinion on cloning.

Me: If cloning is done on animals, there may not be in any harm in it. But if you try to do the same for human beings, it may have some negative consequences. As human tendency, we generally tend to misuse new technology.

P2: If we clone good lawyers, surgeons and positive people the whole world will be prospered. No violence, nothing bad would happen (Smiles).

Me: Sir, that would be a utopian world.

P2: (Laughs), So do you say cloning is bad.

Me: I don’t say cloning is bad, what i say is – you cannot take things as black and white, human nature has grey areas in it. So as longs as it is not misused, it is definitely good.

P2: How do apply artificial intelligence to HR.

Me: ( I was not sure about the answer, but told something) If AI could be applied to tasks like HR Audits and other quantitative tasks, HR managers would be relieved of those quantitative tasks and they could focus on some qualitative tasks

P2: (a confused expression). P2: What is your hobby – I said Yoga. P2:tell me two positive aspects of yoga Me:told P2: tell me about your multitasking skills concretely. Me: As a woman, we are born with inherent nature of multitasking, we are not taught about it but we develop it naturally. We balance our household and careers perfectly.

P2: name some famous women in HR in India. Me: ( I couldn’t recollect) Instead of going blank, i told about CHRO in my organisation and also told about her good qualities.

P2: Ok you may leave now. Me:Thank u.

I am totally clueless about the interview.

Any comments and feedback on the interview.

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