While the number of engineering graduates in India is increasing rapidly, with the increase in the number of engineering colleges, it doesn’t seem to do any good to this developing country.

India leads the world in the number of engineers produced every year. 85% of school graduates prefer taking up engineering over other fields. This creates an uneven distribution of the community across various fields. Surplus engineers create a shortage of experts in fields which are necessary for creating a healthy community, which has artists, scientists, doctors, sportsmen, etc.

Is social imbalance the only problem created by this surplus of engineers? No. On one side, we are exporting talented engineering brains to foreign countries. On the other side, most of those who stay back in India are either unemployed or underemployed. The people who get jobs, get little salary, or work in a field which has no relevance to their degree.

Meanwhile, quality seems to maintain an inverse proportionality with quantity. Studies say that 97% of Indian engineering graduates cannot speak English. These meaningless engineering degrees should be reduced and the interest and demand for other degrees and education should be stimulated and handled. This will lead to a super community with all kinds of expert engineers, scientists and other experts who are needed for the society. Hope we reach the ideal goals of “India 2020” on time.

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