(This article might be too early to publish as I’m writing it on the very morning of the result day.. but seeing the exit polls and the MAHAUL in the country I seriously think the people of India “MODI JI ko lane waley hain”. Let’s see what happens this being the country of miracles…you never know Congress must have hired some powerful baba to turn the results around.. No offence to anyone…just enjoy reading what I went through in the last 6 months and how did I end up choosing my Prime Minister)

When last year Mr. Modi vs. Mr. Rahul Gandhi started to take the prime time spot in the news channels, thus, began an entertaining political drama. The word democracy was being repeated so many times that I started to go “democrazy” about it. Then came Mr. Kejriwal. The youth and even people of my mom-dad’s age where in awe with him and his party. And as we all know, the awe broke like Maxwell (Kings’ XI Punjab – those who don’t know … go search IPL 2014 for details) is breaking the ballers’ back. I was waiting in anticipation for something good to come out of the Delhi elections and thought the jhadu-wali party will become an alternate to the two old and boring parties.

The most interesting part of these elections is – everrrrrrryone…actually…everrrrrryone is involved in it. The people who were voting for the first time they were “enthu” about their first time and people like me (who voted for the second time for the general elections…I’m not that old you see!! :P) were discussing and thinking in their spare time whom to vote. The nashedi friends of mine were as involved in the discussion of next PM as were my UPSC aspiring friends. And one thing was common out of the discussions..“INDIA ko ab ek strict PM lathi chalaye aur sab theek kar de”.

Some of my friends made it a point to post about Mr. Modi regularly on their FB accounts and claimed themselves to be proud MODI followers. I wanted to tell them –”Too much guys. Relax!!”. Some actually fought with me while having a casual discussion why only Modiji should come and not someone else. But I (being extra cautious..just over-acting!) decided to wait to make my choice. For one thing, I thought Mr. Modi and RaGa (cool nick name!) are total extremes and the media is being harsh on the poor chotu Gandhi (girls do go on face value..sometimes!). The Jhadu didn’t accomplish anything till that time and my options were now easy as only two contenders were left. The AAP party did one thing for the UPSC aspirants though- it increased the emphasis on the portion of union territories and Delhi NCR and the appointment of the CM, Lt.General, President’s rule (ughh…as if there were any fewer portions to cover!). Of course there is a third front but lack of unity made them the non-test playing countries as they will be handy to increase the average of the other two parties.

The campaigns were very interesting. It seemed as if Congress had left the field. No extensive coverage- and even if there was it lost to the rigor of BJP campaigns. The animated campaign during the T20 world cup targeted the youth as well cricket fans of all ages; the black and white emotional campaign targeting the black and white..jeez…I mean people serious in life; the flash advertisements while you are surfing the site for news (yes there is life after facebooking!) saying join the campaign to make Mr. Modi the PM of India started by the alumnis of IIM/IIT and the McMaharaja (go see pic 1) of all advertiements, “ACHE DIN ANE WALE HAIN” . The last one was genuinely very catchy as my father as well as my 7 year-old nephew used to sing the jingle without any reason. Not to forget the irritating watsapp messages shoving the “abki bar modi sarkar” tagline (go see pic 2 also) at the end without any reason, but that did the trick.

this one..i was talking about…
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Finally, the deeds of other politicians made me choose my vote. Poor jhadu candidate stated that “mujhe jitane ko vote mat do..Modiji ko harane ke liye vote do”..hain? did I hear it right? People contest elections to win. He got totally messed up. He didnt want BJP candidate to win and he did not want the satta for himself. WHAT DO YA WANT? Till this time, RaGa did the vanishing trick and was not giving any statements as he was busy saving his ijjat in Amethi. And then the final rounds of interviews of Mr. Modi on television where he answered the questions wittingly like a politician (I hope the rumors of the show being scripted are not true) made me press the lotus button on the EVM. I didn’t even know the local candidate who was contesting from my area. Now he might be singing “ache din ane waley hain”!!!.


pic 1…hungry now?yeah..thats why posted this :D.. go eat roti and daal..this is not good for health..
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