How a SOIL Graduate Stands Out in Today’s Demanding Job Market

Academic study is only one part of the complete personality development process for MBA students. To be a successful business leader, one must also work towards developing their soft skills necessary in verbal and written communication, team building, time and resource management, networking and public speaking while at a Business School.

The career services department at SOIL is dedicated to providing highly personalized service to each MBA student on campus by assisting them to best prepare for the recruitment process. SOIL Career Services (SCS) supports every student in developing the necessary managerial skills and competencies to succeed in this complex and ever changing competitive job market. Right from the start of the program students find SCS involved with them in increasing their brand and economic value. Furthermore, the body also helps students learn to reflect on their own personal attitudes and cultural values which influence their behavior and relationships. A number of skill building activities in collaboration with industry leaders and companies are carried out throughout the program to ensure that the students learn nothing but the best.

Year after year, within 3 months of graduation 100% of the SOIL students get placed with 100% increase in their salaries. The highest package offered to the PGP Business Leadership and PGP Human Resource Leadership students at SOIL last year was 21 LPA. The average package for PGP Business Leadership stood at 9.3 LPA and for PGP Human Resource Leadership at 7.4 LPA.

Some of the key recruiters at the campus are Microsoft, Kohler, HT Media, ICICI Bank, Dabur and Dalmia cement, Mahindra, Vodafone, Philips Carbon Black to name a few.

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