House of brands or brand house By G.L Bajaj

Companies differentiate themselves with their various marketing strategies. The brand house like Apple is equipped with varieties for consumer but the name is same. The house of brands like P & G has various brands like Dove, Pentene, Ariel, Tide etc. Each brand of P& G has unique identity and area. The companies with varied pricing, product, promotion and distribution strategy make major impact on large section of consumers.

The innovations like product line extension or brand extension have shown these companies huge successes. Dove has extended into Dove elixir oil , Titan has extended in SKINN Perfume , Colgate with rinse etc. The products need to be aligned with the needs of consumers. The right type of analysis of consumers lead to creation of want satisfying products. The comfort conditioner of Marico is again a finest example of creating a niche area of marketing. Marico is true epitome of distinctiveness. Saffola, Parachute, Comfort and so on. The companies need to create blue ocean strategy if they want to throw the other competitors out of the market.

The time is for those market leaders who does not believe in just low price strategy rather would like to provide value to customers. Ghadi without any promotion outpaced other detergents in the market. RSPL truly has violated all researches that advertising is essential for the success of any product. Vini Industries with just FOGG brand captures the market. The leader is one who knows the trick to rule the market.

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