Hope-a small rhyme

I hoped I could study for hours

I hoped could reach the stars

I hoped I could be the topper in mocks

I hoped I could remove all the stops

That came on the road to my success

I hoped I could work in excess

Of what was required generally

I hoped to give it all for once and then be free

Now I am done with it but still have a lot to do

Each day adds to the anxiety of where I’ll go

That was just the start when all I had to do was practice subjects

Now it’s a different ball game altogether when I have to face the rejects

Appearances in front of panels back to back

Hoping they would just cut me some slack

For if I couldn’t give it my best shot

For if things didn’t turn out like I thought

But again all I can do is to try and keep some hope

Because the one thing that keeps the world afloat is indeed hope…

P.S- i hope a few of you atleast connected with this ?