High Ethical standards are required for high profits in a company

Being ethical makes a person or an organization half way through in the journey of success. People make organization, and high ethical standards makes it stronger.

For a company the success meter forms the profit earned and also the value in the market which, in a way is regulated by general public through shares. Public always prefer organizations with high ethical values. So this in a way is helping the company in its profits.

High ethical standards also makes it a good place to work for the employees in a company. It became a burning issue about woman safety in any organization. Organizations maintaining high ethical values make it a better place to work, which leads to a better productivity and so better profits.

However being unethical to a certain extent can also help a company in certain ways. For example, providing a false promise on a deadline of any work and delivering it after a short time after the deadline can also save the company from losing the project. But this measure should be very calculative and should not end up like Satyam.

Being high on ethical standards can lead a company to high profits. The results for this can come in the long run if not in a short span of time.