Hi, This is Me….

Yes, the name of this article may be a bit vague, but this is definitely gonna be the “most used line” for some months now! It is, invariably, a start for every interview that you are gonna face. Interviews, as we all know, are the Achilles’s Heels for majority of us. Let us get back to the basics and delve into few important pointers that will help all of us.

Introduction– We all know how important this is. A good introduction helps us to give a direction to the interview. Make sure to include only relevant information and not talk about your birthplace, school name or the name of the nurse in the hospital where you were born! You can start with your graduation, immediately move into work ex and explain that in detail. It is advisable to include a hobby or an interest if you are confident about it. Remember, always end it with a point from where the interviewer can start a second question IN YOUR FAVOR! Yes, you can even include achievements! Introduction can be anywhere between 25-40 secs.

Why MBA-Specialization– This is the “Mogambo” of all the questions and the interviewers never say “khush hua” when we answer it. Make sure your choice of MBA specialization should be in sync with your past and future. Your past should have elements that should relate to the specialization you want to do and your future goals should be in alignment with this. For example, managing a National Level Technical Festival shows that you have good resource management framework which would in turn help you to fortify your answer for Why MBA HR.

Strengths & Weakness – Sankaracharya in Advaita Vedanta says “Aham Brahmashmi” that is know thyself. Well, it’s now that we realize the importance of this statement. It is imperative to know yourself properly. This question gives you a good chance to sell yourself. Make sure your strengths are the the causes of the achievements that you have mentioned in your SOP. Please select a normal weakness which you can show them that you are overcoming. Don’t include high libido or drug addiction and get yourself kicked out of the room! Some examples of the weakness are procrastination, not able to execute everything that is being planned etc. Make sure you are well prepared with this question.

Miscellaneous– I have always maintained this principle. A smile on your face increases both, your chances of selection and your confidence. Make sure you walk in with a good stance. Sit with their permission. Do not put your hand on the table, it belongs to them. You should know your SOP/CV very well. If you don’t, please be a “Chatur” and learn it. Know facts about the institute and include them in your answer. Finally, you can ask them relevant questions at the end, but relevant is the keyword here!

All the best! Rock your interviews!!!

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