HEARD OF E-CELL YET? This cell gives life to your idea!

Entrepreneurship Cell or is famously called E-cell, works ‘for the innovation, by the innovation and with the innovation.’ Also called Tarkash (meaning a quiver of arrows), stands firmly to its meaning which is a storehouse of ideas waiting to hit the right target! E-cell firmly believes and harbors the innovative thought that emerging economies like India need.

Someone has rightly quoted “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door”; and that’s the foundation of entrepreneurship. The cell aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of the youth. The concept takes into account the will and the drive by the youth in knowing the innovative capabilities in the organization.

Working with a vision to develop, enhance, and carve out the inner entrepreneurial potentials of the students by way of providing them an opportunity to present their views in front of Tarkash, it aims to convert feasible ideas into actual business propositions. Add value to yourself and also benefit your nation.

This cell brings out the entrepreneurial spirit in budding managers and provides them with the vital support system to set up new ventures. Today is not the era of managers, but the era of ‘managers with a difference’. E-cell teaches the youth to identify and make use of this difference.

E-cell in a B-school is like that extra layer of wafer into your ordinary chocolate bar. You start liking it for its uniqueness. People working at all levels in the hierarchy of Management Tree are required to be instilled with entrepreneurial skills. The cell brings out the entrepreneurial spirit in budding managers and provides them with the vital support system to set up new ventures.

Recognizing the need to foster and incorporate a business thought-perspective and an enterprising attitude within the management students, the E-Cell of JIMS has initiated a series of entrepreneurial events.

Last year, E-cell organized Creative Haat where participants were given the topic “Unleash the Business Idea” where they presented and articulated the thought process of nurturing a business idea. From a meagre sweatmeat shop to a grocery store to a food joint to a tea- lounge, some never-heard-before ideas were unleashed by these budding managers.

Tarkash also organizes “ENTRENNOVATION” which is a series of lectures and Business Plan Contests. Prominent Entrepreneurs like Mr. Lalit Aggarwal, Chairman and Managing Director, V Mart Pvt. Ltd.; Mr. Vinay Bansal, Vice President, Brickred.com and Mr. Pradeep Gupta, Head – Cyber Media Group have interacted with the students and provided the insights about a start-up.

“Success story of a young entrepreneur- Mr. Ravi Dabbirroo” (CEO of Zice Holidays) who shared and enumerated all the ingredients, of a successful entrepreneur, was another prominent event in the History of E-cell. Ms Bhavna Kataria, consultant National Entrepreneurship Network was another guest of Honor in the same event.

Each year E-cell organizes ‘E-Summit‘ where founders and owners of the new upcoming business- houses and one-of-its-kind industry persons are invited to share their experiences and plant a seeding of innovation in the minds of students. It works to “Innovate Incubate Inspire”.

The business thought and the profound Business Plan emerges in the minds and takes a shape of Business venture. The father of Management, Peter Drucker says “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.” E-cell is working to bring about a change in the society in a bigger way, nurturing the drivers of tomorrow’s economy.

All it takes a business to succeed is that one idea! It is like a fuel to your business, and e-cell is your gas station!

”The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.”

So have an idea? Tell E-cell!