“Healthcare Thursdays” at GIM (Goa Institute of Management)

To talk healthcare, you need to walk in the shoes of a healthcare professional. This is precisely what happens on “Healthcare Thursdays” in the scenic land of Goa, where students of the GIM HCM program get their hands messy while trying to understand various facets of healthcare delivery. A multi-disciplinary approach to understand different domains of healthcare including hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical and medical device industry and healthcare NGO’s ensures that students experience real time delivery of healthcare, which helps them see the big picture.

Healthcare delivery is largely unorganized in our country with multiple stakeholders having their own unique sets of challenges. As the demand for quality healthcare increases, there is a growing need for young healthcare managers and professionals to understand these dynamics and work effectively towards ensuring the three critical A’s in healthcare namely; Awareness, Accessibility and Affordability.  

Similarly, at GIM,  “Healthcare Thursdays” was conceptualized and built around the three A’s (Pillars) namely Awareness, Appreciation and Acknowledgement. Becoming aware of the various domains in healthcare is the prime objective of the program followed by an appreciation of how business processes work in the realm of healthcare. Finally, students begin to acknowledge various aspects of healthcare delivery including unique and innovative methods to reduce the cost to the consumer.

From concept to delivery, “Healthcare Thursdays” is about collaborations and networking. Every Thursday, students are exposed to a new environment, organization or system in healthcare, which enables them to learn effectively along with their faculty mentors. This provides a platform and a sound understanding of basic organizational processes in the healthcare sector. Collaboration with healthcare organizations to facilitate learning and networking with healthcare  industry professionals helps bridge the gap between academia and industry. This program also helps build a base for future student driven projects with industry thus enhancing the learning experience.

We believe that learning never stops! Watch.. Observe… Learn… Healthcare!