Have Power but what about Justification ???

You are not going. I am going. You are not going. I am going. I said once you are not going. I also have informed you I am going. Don’t you have respect for your father? I have said you are not going means you are not going. You have never understood your child’s feelings but now no more. I have decided this time. I am going means I am going.

(Fatak…… A sound of slap and black out….)

Mr. Nair slapped his 19 years old son – Vikas. Vikas, a son of Indian middle class family is brilliant in his academics and a very good choreographer. Vikas wants to go abroad for his higher studies but Mr. Nair is denying him. It’s not that a father doesn’t want to send his son for quality education but his financial condition doesn’t allow him to do so. And this is the situation in many homes today. Parents’ unaffordable condition made them explain to their child that there are many institutes in India, why don’t you join them? But students have craze for Institutes like University of California, University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, etc….

Many parents think what is there in abroad? Why these young people can’t study in India? What is not letting them be in India?

Is it too much old syllabus which is ineffectual when it comes to practical implication? Is there the lack of job opportunities? Is it that well qualified teachers migrate to abroad for better scope? Is it the unavailability of employment in chosen field? Is it the high rated corruption? Is it many thick layers fees of the institutes?

That could be anything. Even apart from the above things. But the fact is Indians are leaving India now. Democracy means for people, by people, of people. India is the biggest democracy of the world. A democratic country where thousands of Mr. Nair vote with the hope of change. Where at the age of 18 Indian has power to vote but not the justification to ….. You Better Know…..

Byline : By Ruchita Jain