Date: 31st Jan;   Venue: KLMDC, IIMA;     Time: 8:30 am;    No. Of Panelists: 2;

P1: So you’re from agri biotechnology?

A: No Sir, only biotechnology. Btech in Biotechnology.

P1: Whats the difference?

A: I explained the difference.

P1: What is DNA?

A: Explained

P1: What is the controversy regarding biotechnology?

A: Explained

P1: How do we transfer genes?

A: Explained

P2: Do you read newspapers?

A: Not regularly Sir. Headlines only.

P2: Do you know the current oil prices?

A: Yes. 27-30$ per barrel.

P2: Why aren’t they increasing the price?

A: I explained the reason to them.

P2: Why is Flipkart called so?

A: Wasn’t sure of this answer. I made a guess and told them that I’m only guessing.

P2: Will Flipkart sustain?

A: I explained my opinion.

P2: Why are they switching to app?

A: Explained the reason to them.

P2: What is your view on intolerance?

A: Told them my opinion.

P2: Who won the noble prize in chemistry?

A: Sorry Sir, I don’t know.

Then they asked me to solve a maths problem. I said, sorry Sir, but I studied maths years ago.

P2: Do you know about the cloned sheep?

A:  I told them the past, present and future of cloned sheep.

Finally they said, “Thank you! Please have a toffee and you can leave.” I took a toffee and left.
Their face was so neutral that I couldn’t judge anything. They didn’t ask a single HR type question.

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