Hardwork and determination success mantra for cracking the civil service examination

UPSC coaching has in itself been a very enriching experience. The greatest benefit I have derived by being associated with IAS coaching is that I have gained a lot of knowledge about many subjects. Back in 1978, the IAS coaching industry was not developed. There were hardly few students who came to Delhi for coaching. Apart from Delhi, Hyderabad was another place where coaching industry had started to develop. But eventually the need for coaching grew, especially after 2000.

The main reasons why this happened was the introduction of the OBC reservation policy in this exam. This examination has become accessible to even the aspirants in the rural area. Besides, more there has been a gradual increase in the number of female applicants. These factors have  eventually led to a spurt in the number of people taking the exam. Also, the recession that hit the economy was a major game changer for the industry.

There was a drastic cut down in the job market and the availability of job opportunities seemed bleak. The decline in the job market sector eventually led the students to appear for the civil services examination. Not just from the rural areas, this shift was also observed even in the cities. Engineering graduates land up without a job despite having a technical degree. They eventually turn to UPSC exam in search of job opportunities.

This is not an easy exam to pass. As long as students don’t develop the culture of hard work, they will not succeed. Medical graduates have the highest pass percentage in the IAS exam. They are used to studying hard and know the importance of hard work.  The second best results are the graduates of the premier engineering institutes like the IITs and NITs. They are focused and have the determination to succeed.

The determination to succeed is what ultimately helps a student to crack the exams.