Hard Work never killed anyone, but why take chances

Hard work is when you put some extra efforts than what is required. It is a big parameter to differentiate among the people of a group.Generally we believe if one works hard one can achieve anything and it is true to certain extent. So working hard becomes indispensable to get what one wants.

Undoubtedly there are pros and cons for working hard. One who achieve his target before deadline gets reward,recognition and appreciation. He climbs up the ladder of success. In fact in this competitive world working for more hours helps one to eliminate others from selection process.

Unfortunately , many times we are not able to see other side of the coin. Working for long hours can cause stress , mental illness, anxiety, and imbalance in physical health. Sometimes it leads to dis-interest in other activities because of engagement in only one activity. If not literal killing it might kill creativity and innovation because of less exposure and less knowledge about things.

What is required is a balance between work and life. Running away from work will not server the purpose but ensuring that work is getting done without ill -effects will. One should reward on-self after putting efforts to regain energy and maintain interest. Counselling with physician , engaging in fun activity can be looked upon to rejuvenate.

Work is necessary to increase life’s productivity and is the best way to invest time. But unless and until it leads to healthy and happy life it is futile. Hard work might not kill someone but many times has caused ill-effects. So unless and until it leads to healthy and happy life it is futile.