IIT Guwahati’s gymkhana elections are just around the corner as the students gear up to choose their future leaders and representatives. Students from one of the best engineering colleges of the country are not only considered to be extremely smart and hard-working, but they also have a lot of innovative ideas up their sleeves. Every year, the students of  our college chose their representatives from the extremely talented and dedicated pool of contestants to bring about the reforms that give the student community more freedom and opportunities in their desired fields.

The Gymkhana Council is the student executive body of IIT Guwahati. The VP or the vice-president is the highest post for a student executive in the Gymkhana Council which includes boards like the Technical, Cultural, Welfare, Sports and Hostel Affairs. Each of these boards unitedly look into every small matter/trouble in the college and act as the source of communication between the student community and the college authority. Each of these boards has a Secretary, who supervises various events and competitions throughout the year to engage the students and keep their enthusiasm high for what they love to do.

Apart from organising various events and competitions for the student community, the Gymkhana Council also strives to improve facilities for the students inside the campus by improving connections with Alumni and trying to incorporate student exchange programs in the current system. 

A transparent election procedure is called for under these conditions since the gymkhana plays such an important role for the students. The college has a Chief Election Officer appointed specifically for this purpose. Even at this juncture, IIT Guwahati emphasises on the importance to vote and tries to ensure that the agenda of each of the candidates reaches the whole ‘Junta’ of IITG so that they can make a responsible and informed decision.

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