Growing comes from Growth

Takeaways from Guest Sessions by Sunstone Business School student Tapan Kumar Nayak Guest: Vishwas Mudagal, CEO at GoodWorkLabs and Author ‘Losing My Religion’.

A famous quote says, “Life is a choice between AGEING and GROWING. AGEING is adding YEARS to LIFE and GROWING is adding LIFE to YEARS.” GROWING comes from GROWTH. A positive change in Size over a period of time is often termed as GROWTH.

That was the theme of the Sunstone Guest Session for Bangalore chapter on 24th Jan 2014.

Students of Sunstone look forward to some take away from each session. This session was different yet fulfilling. Vishwas Mudagal was the Guest for the day.

Vishwas Mudagal

Vishwas is a serial entrepreneur and a CEO with hands-on technology and management experience, a proven record of building brands and products and a history of creating sustainable companies. He comes with over a decade of diverse experience across entrepreneurial & corporate spheres – in Internet, Mobile, Telecom, Education & Legal domains. He helps global companies build strategies and enter new markets, build innovative products, and set up and scale software centers / R&D; centers / offshore development centers globally.
Vishwas received the ‘Star Entrepreneur Award’ from Indira India Innovation Summit 2011 in recognition of his contribution to entrepreneurship and innovation.

A young CEO at GoodWorkLabs and a Story Teller walked down memory lane to introduce his first book “Losing My Religion” and his journey from a child who loved Mangoes to a CEO and Author. Growing is a desire that makes Growth such an imperative need. It was evident from the life of Vishwas. A simple belief that “You are born to do great things, and you will” is such a driver by itself. The metaphor has great significance coherent with Growth and influenced our Guest to take up challenges in his career. Be it in starting different ventures which he did throughout his career or story telling through his book.

Growth is seen differently and approached differently by different individuals.

Vishwas spoke about three things that mattered most to him:

  1. Have A Business Plan: Right business plan is the key to success. A plan that makes business a repeatable process, creates and delivers some value that other people want or need, at a price they are willing to pay. It should satisfy customer needs and at the same time should bring in enough profit for continued operation.
  2. Be Shameless: As he says, it’s quite important and a key ingredient in the recipe for Growth. Using a nicer term it’s all about being Experimental and not to have any inhibitions. Not to have any inhibitions of perceptions, set rules and guidelines and being experimental is what helps to find something new, create new opportunities and helps you to grow.
  3. Have Guts: Very important. The Guts to travel on a less traversed path, to break rules, to fail. It’s the Guts that provides the X factor and helps one to succeed at the end. Being afraid of making mistakes and failures would take us nowhere.

These may not be the only factors, but certainly few of the key ones which galvanize the overall Growth prospects.

Tapan Kumar Nayak

Tapan is a Senior Manager at Ellucian. He is currently pursuing PGPM at Sunstone Business School

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