Good Shot by Imtiaz – HIGHWAY

Imtiaz Ali is really high on his way to uphold his legacy and depicting the reality of this world. Taking a break from romantic comedies, he elucidates the nitty gritty of problematic situations. Anil Mehta captured not only the astonishing landscapes of India which will take your breath away but also the emotions which makes you feel each and every bit of it. A. R. Rehman’s soulful music complemented the movie in every possible way.

The story begins with kidnapping of Veera ( Alia Bhatt) who belongs to affluent family want to breathe some fresh air kidnapped by Mahabir( Randeep Hooda) who is going through the effects of his rough childhood .

The movie posits a loquacious chirpy Veera who has dark secret buried in her past who ultimately finds peace in the arms of Mahabir an enigmatic short tempered, unrelenting criminal who initially wanted to sell her off. Veeras transformation from abducted victim to ecstatic traveller is little unconvincing. Imtiaz nicely portrayed the immaculate relationship between the two damaged souls.

The movie leaves a message to grappling society is there any place where women are really safe? The society has to think over the issue

The ever dependable Randeep Hooda has done a good job and the Haryanvi accent delivered by him is really admirable. Alia bhatt has reincarnated from her baby doll image in “student of the year” to a remarkably good actress.

I give this RoadTrip 3/5. Go and enjoy the journey.

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