Good Bye Sachin

“If Cricket is a religion Sachin is God” goes a saying. On November 14th 2013 the wankhede stadium erupted and the whole world was chanting “Sachin Sachin” when the little genius went into bat for the final time as an international cricketer. Two days later on November 16th around 12 noon the people around the world were glued to their TV sets to watch the master for one final time. Now in this blog I will take you through a few managerial learning that we can have as managers. Adapting to change is one of the very important factor that we all as generation Y employees and it is one of the mantra for todays rapidly changing global business environment. Sachin played all the three formats by adapting to the various demands of the modern game. I will quickly compare some legends with the master for better understanding. The players I have chosen are legends on their own and they are Rahul Dravid and Saurav Ganguly “The Prince of Kolkata”. Both Rahul and Saurav were not able to adapt to the demands of the modern game their ODI strike rates were 71.24 and 73.70 which is much lower to that of the Sachin’s 86.23 and of most of the modern day players who were striking at an average of 90. Sachin is the master of all the three skills which were considered to be must for a manager “Technical, Human and Intellectual” skills. His technique is evident from the fact that he has scored 50,000 runs in summing up all forms of the game.He acquired the skills by practice, planning and dedication which organizations expect out of a gen y employee. I would like to quote an example for his dedication to work, he was dismissed for 72 in the 1st innings of his last game edging to first slip when playing a cut shot and there was a minimum possibility that he might bat again considering the match situation but still because of his regular practice he called his brother Ajith Tendulkar to discuss about the dismissal and this quality has put Sachin top among the best. Intellectual skills where the most important skill for the managers at the top of the organizational chart to take the organization forward. Sachin himself has a great intellectual skills which was evident when Sachin recommended Mahi for leading India after 2007 world cup debacle. This proved to be a wise decision as the Indian team has scaled new highs under MS including world cups and No 1 test rankings and hope Sachin’s choice continue to do so. With the above mentioned skills for me the stand out was his human skills and this was evident when he started his farewell speech by thanking “Matha, Pitha, Guru, Dheivam”. We also had legends like Brain Lara and Shane Warne flew to Mumbai for watching his good old friend play for the final time. Legends Retire their Legacy Never.!