Gmail extension that helps manage email attachments

Technology is accelerating at an alarming rate today, and with so much of advancement, it often becomes very difficult to choose products that match our individual level of comfort and preferences. Personally, I’m not tech-savvy, but as destiny has it, I’ve been associated with tech and software companies, ever since I entered the corporate world post my MBA in marketing and communications.

PagalGuy has not been an unknown platform to me since I’ve been following it since the time I decided to pursue MBA (that was way back in 2010). Earlier, I used to skim it to understand the MBA world, its pros and cons, and varied discussions related to entrance exams, colleges, fees, life before-during-after MBA, and so on. With the changing times, PagalGuy too has evolved and this creation (Write an article platform) is in itself revolutionary. This is the reason I’m here yet again with the hope to spread the word good for all the readers!

This may seem promotional but today, what I’m going to write about is the product of the company I’m currently working in. It’s called MetisMe – Attachments App. So this app is nothing but an extension to Gmail that makes managing email attachments better and efficient. By downloading and installing this app you can conveniently search through, organize, and manage all your attachments in one go, since this app neatly collates your email attachments in a single folder – that sits right inside your Gmail. You can also share your attachments to cloud services in lesser than 3 clicks. From students to professors, writers, recruiters, and all others, MetisMe really comes as a saviour because in today’s age and technology, each one of us have to deal with email attachments day in and day out – and there’s no escape to the fact that finding and managing attachments really gets tedious after a certain point in time.

Yes, I’m surely requesting and recommending you all to try MetisMe as it’s a start-up with honest intentions to make managing email attachments better, and your support will definitely help us grow and succeed.

Of course, you all might feel this is my sales pitch and I’m taking undue advantage of this platform but the fact is, my primary motive of writing here is to help every reader out. Since I’ve been through the phase of entrance exam prep, test series, GD-PI samples, list of to-dos, and the rest, I clearly know the number of attachments we all stack with the hope to prepare ourselves for the best and crack the exams in the first shot itself. And then during exams and interviews, we keep juggling different folders to find the documents we require, and in transit, we waste a lot of time which could have been used otherwise to prepare ourselves for the tasks. So it’s nothing but just an honest attempt to make life easier. Again, there are alternatives available, but I honestly have not used them so wouldn’t like commenting or recommending them. So this is all that I can offer. ?

Since I’m a writer as well, I hope to post something informative soon – in terms of guidance and tips about MBA exams and colleges. I do know that there are renowned authors out here who’ve already written enough about these topics, but I would yet like to share mine, since I believe that it will definitely help you to make the right decisions and avoid the mistakes that I committed!

Until next time then,