GK Capsule!

I am not so good at GK/GA and I was scared of all these exams mainly because of my poor GK, it took me a year to get rid of this weakness and now I want to share some stuff I know ?

1. It will NOT happen overnight, but with each passing day you will keep getting better, trust me!

2. Start with obvious stuff like ‘Tallest biggest longest in world, some countries and their currencies’

3.If you are preparing for bank exam, better start with gktoday.in. I am not really promoting their site but it is pretty good, with each and every news headline they would write a short note and few definitions, keep scrolling and reading, No one can read and understand in first attempt, but just try to remember as much as you can.

4. One thing from my personal experience, read 100 news articles properly instead of reading 500 headlines, at least in banking sector you need deep and accurate knowledge, otherwise you will be left with “Arey yar ye pada tha…vo page me sabse niche tha…naam yaad nai aa rha”

5. Before exam, download GA Capsule from bankersadda.com, these guys are nice and kind-hearted enough to give away such a useful ‘khajana’ at no cost!

5. Write your own short notes, like “RBI – 1949” “SBI -Imperial”, Now you know what it means, and trust me, when you write it you have more chances of remembering it.

6. Never devote entire day to GA, by the time you go to bed you will go crazy!

7. Never ever do mock test in morning, you will be drained because of constant staring at computer screen and unable to read anything for next 8 hours!

8. Visit FB pages and PG threads that contain GA questions, attempt them, once you have answered something wrong you learn a lesson and don’t forget it easily.

9. Try googling all 4 options of a question and try to find out what they are all about, generally questions are related or inspired by last year paper.

10. Go through RBI site and read all notifications, a lot of questions include data like how many days, how much of money limit etc.

11. Last but not the least, never ever read all awards together, khichadi ban jayega…if you can manage then great, thumbs up, but for others,avoid reading all awards or all capitals together, read them in parts and apply logic or your own shortcuts/tricks to remember.