GITAM School of International Business
(GSIB), GITAM University, Visakhapatnam and M/s. Re-Engineering Business
Solutions (RenB), Mumbai , signed an MoU to start a Start-Up Incubator to
facilitate students from GITAM, Alumni, and others from Visakhapatnam to take
their innovative ideas to the market and start their start-up Firms which will
benefit from the GSIB/RENB Start-Up incubator Program.

As per the MoU, GITAM School of International
Business does not have any financial implications. However, the School would
utilize the existing infrastructure, faculty, and facilities for this purpose
to pursue one of its thrust areas namely “Global Entrepreneurship”. The School
has made a provision for entrepreneurial track in all MBA Programmes. Those who
wish to take this track, may opt to take the relevant courses in the fifth and
sixth trimesters of MBA Programmes. The Proposal to start an Incubator in
Collaboration with RenB Solutions is another step towards that direction. RenB,
Mumbai a company Specialising in Start-Up Incubator Management  would provide the Management support & StartUp
incubator Program with Industry link-ups for the Start-ups.

Prof. V.K. Kumar, Dean & Director of GSIB
observed that the growth of the State and the nation hinges up on the growth of
start-ups. The Sunrise State of Andhra Pradesh under the stewardship of Sri. N.
Chandrababu Naidu is looking forward to provide for the appropriate eco-system
for start-ups in Visakhapatnam which is one of the three cities identified to
develop as Smart Cities. The initiative taken by GITAM School of International
Business with support from M/s Re-engineering Business Solutions is definitely
a great contribution to creating the eco-system required for start-ups, and
spread the culture of Entrepreneurship.

After signing the MoU with GITAM School of
International Business, Mr. Vincent Fernandez, Chairman, Re-Engineering
Business solutions (RenB), Mumbai along with his team consisting of Ms. Mahira
F – Chief Relationship Officer ( C.R.O), Re-engineering Business Solutions,
Mumbai, Mr. Vipul Thaker – C.E.O, NHBS, Mumbai, Ms. Krishma Patel –
Partner,  I.V Merchant & Co , Mumbai,
Mr. M.Srinivas – Managing Director, Bruhas Group of Companies, Lagos , Nigeria,
and Mr. Palash Bagchi – C.E.O, Software Technology Park , Hyderabad conducted a
Workshop to discuss about the details with regard to starting the
Incubator.  Prof. V.K. Kumar, Dean &
Director of GSIB thanked Mr. Vincent Fernandez, and his team for the support to
start the Incubator.  He is confident
that it would go a long way to strengthen entrepreneurship in GITAM, and spread
the start-up culture in Visakhapatnam.

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