Established in 1993, Goa Institute of Management (GIM) has one of the best learning infrastructures among business schools. The new campus is spread over 50 acres of land and is surrounded by the foothills of Western Ghats. GIM has an extremely modern and hi-tech campus, wherein, Radio Frequency Identity Card (RFID) is used by students. This card has also helped make GIM the first cashless campus in India. The campus is designed with energy-efficient electrical fixtures, rain water harvesting, maximised day lighting and passive environmental controls. The campus is equipped with state-of-the-art learning infrastructure – lecture theatres, a 500-seater auditorium, high-definition video conferencing, seamless access to digital and online library resources, swimming pool and physical fitness centre possessing modern gym equipment so that student can maintain their physic and remain healthy. It also features fully-serviced apartments for students and faculty, cafeterias and cafes, sports and recreational facilities, and support services such as ATM, communication, convenience stores, and medical facilities. The sports and recreation centre comprises a gym, swimming pool, football ground, music room, tennis and basketball courts and a volleyball court.  The entire campus is Wi-Fi, connected on optic fiber backbone with high end switches, which enables the students to get round the clock access to all learning resources from their hostel rooms.

Goa Institute of Management (GIM) sets up a Finance Lab that integrates theory with real world practice. It is a connect through live channels and terminals between what students learn in class room and what in industry happens in concrete terms. Research databases and real-time access to global financial resources will enable students to link classroom education to actual financial markets. The Finance Lab at GIM Lab aims to support advanced applied research in financial markets and build skills of budding finance managers in the mathematical and conceptual theories and best practices in financial markets that go into the creation and management of innovative financial products. Apart from this, the lab also assists in market research; the industry level data provides information about major players, market share of each company, product offering etc. Finance lab has 10 terminals of Thomson Reuters, these terminals provide access to information at global level on Equities, Commodities & Energy, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange and Money markets, economic data, industry data, company data. Over 2,000,000 real time prices (of various finance securities) are distributed per second, over 1,600,000 companies data is accessible and over 208,000 financial industry peers collaborate via Thomson Reuters Eikon Messenger. The database also provides economic and company level historic data. Besides that GIM has subscribed to Economic outlook, Industry outlook, Prowess and CapEx of CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy Pvt. Ltd.) These products provide data on more than 100,000 economic indicators, industry level data of 193 industries and data of the financial performance of over 27,000 Indian. Access to all news (including business) channels is available too in the Lab.

The GIM library attract the students to join their peers in the quest for knowledge. Being a young and developing management institute the library has a modest collection of over 7175 titles, annual reports of around 1000 companies and stock exchange directory. It has got subscription to around 165 Indian and International journals. GIM library has tie-up with the University of Ohio, USA, which assists in updation of titles.

GIM subscribes to some of the best academic and research databases. EBSCO Publishing is the world’s most prolific aggregator of full-text journals, magazines and other sources. It provides quality database products and services for tens of thousands of libraries around the globe. Proquest from ABI/Inform Global UMICA Bell & Howell (Company) features abstracts and indexing to articles and thesis from over 1000 academic, management, marketing and business journals, with full-page image of over 900 journals. More than 350 international journals provide comprehensive coverage of the global market place. Indian Business Insight Database (IBID) provides access to Indian business information gathered from more than 75 resources from India and International with each story abstracted to give the complete information of the full article. The database is unique in its indexing capability, with each story being indexed a Source, Product, Business Term and Industry category since 1993. CRIS INFAC Research Pro is the user application for information services of CRISIL. The application provides the user with the information services such as Economic Analysis, Industry Analysis, Company Analysis, Rating InfoBase and Key Policy Analysis. VANS is published by VANS ELECTRONIC LIBRARY. This database contains all the articles published in various Indian Newspapers and Magazines.

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