Get Acquainted with Faculty at IBA Prof. Prema Ramachandran, Organisational Behaviour, IBA

Prof. Prema Ramachandran has a master’s degree in English Literature and an MBA in HR from Viswabaharathi University. She has been teaching Human Resources Management and Organisational Behaviour and Communication Skills to Engineering and MBA students in Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala and M.P for over two decades. She is also working on her Doctoral thesis on “The Inter-relationships of Personality Factors, Emotional Intelligence, and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour” with Mumbai University. She has conducted a number of Faculty Development Programmes and MDPs as well as corporate workshops in the areas of presentation skills, interpersonal effectiveness and effective communication. Besides teaching, Prof. Ramachandran writes extensively. Her areas of interest are Multicultural Communication, Presentation Skills and Gender issues. Her current projects include a book on Shakespeare, which is an inter-disciplinary effort.