General Knowledge Quiz For Intelligence Bureau ACIO – Exam 2015

Dear readers,

We are presenting you a quiz which will be helpful in your Intelligence Bureau Exam. Please solve the quiz and try to give your answers in the comment section. 

1. Dhyan Chand was:

(1) A great hockey player

(2) Captained of the Indian hockey team which
won a gold medal in 1936 Berlin Olympics

(3)  Scored 101 goals at the Olympic games and 300
goals in the international matches.

(4) All the statements are correct

2. Who developed the small pox vaccination?

(1) R.A. Schiling

(2) Benjamin Franklin

(3) Eduard Jenner

(4) J.L. Baird

3. Euclid was:

(1) Greek mathematician

(2) Contributor to the use of deductive
principles of logic as the basis of geometry

(3) Propounded the geometrical theosems

(4) All the statements are correct

4. Who is also known as the Lady with the Lamp?

(1) Sarojini Naidu

(2) Florence Nightingale

(3) Indira Gandhi

(4) Kiran Bedi

5. The American General who led the revolt
against the British & declared American independence was:

(1) George Washington

(2) Abraham Lincoln

(3) Thomas Jefferson

(4) Herbett Hoover

6. Who was first to reach the South Pole?

(1) Robert Edwin Peary

(2) Frederick

(3) Matthew

(4) Rolad Amundsen

7. Kabaddi is the national sport of which

(1) Bhutan

(2) India

(3) Pakistan

(4) Bangladesh

8. Ten rupee currency notes bear the signature
of _____.

(1) Finance Minister

(2) Governor of RBI

(3) Finance Secretary

(4) Deputy Govenor of RBI

9. Stock market and mutual funds are regulated

(1) IRDA

(2) RBI

(3) SEBI
(4) LIC

10. Which state has longest coastline in India?

(1) Madhya Pradesh

(2) Gujarat

(3) Maharashtra

(4) Karnataka