GD/PI | You Found a Person Lying on a Highway in an Accident. What Will You Do?

    –GD/PI Experience, IIT Roorkee, March 25, 2017 (Morning Slot)—


    X: 87.40; XII: 78.40; UG: 76.20; CAT: 94.94; General, Engineer (Electrical Engineering), Male, Fresher (2016 Passout)

    GD (10 Marks): Violent TV shows are responsible for violence in the society.

    Was able to pitch in twice only. Was a total fish market. People were adamant with their views. No one was ready to let other speak.

    PI (20 Marks): 3 member panel, all males (P1, P2, P3).

    Asked for permission to get into the hall, went towards the panel, they asked me to have a seat just as I was about to reach there. Greeted them Good Morning, took my seat, and said Thank you.

    P2 started telling me about my Acads and Schools from the BioData he was having.

    P1: What is Asansol known for?

    A: It’s known for Railways and Steel Plants.

    P1: Pleased elaborate.

    A: Explained in detail.

    P2: No WorkEx?

    A: No, Sir.

    P1: What’s your view on implementation of bullet train in India?

    A: It’s fruitful for the country.

    P1: How it will benefit the society?

    A: Time will reduce. Services will be easily transferred. Economy will boost.

    P3: In which country does the bullet train is used for movement of goods?

    A: Sorry Sir, no such country. *I had mentioned that goods can be transferred with bullet trains too in my previous answer. Accepted that it was incorrect.*

    P1: It should be implemented or not?

    A: It should be. It’s the need of the time and economy will boost too. *Didn’t had much to say over it. It was thrown on me all of a sudden, maybe stress test.*

    P1: How much will be the cost of implementation and by what time it will be implemented?

    A: Cost will be very high as the whole network would need rehauling. I said in 20 years.

    P3: How common people can afford it?

    A: If it’s implemented throughout, people will have no option but to use it. And government will be giving subsidies as it’s earning more through freight.

    P3 discussed a bit about freight movement, like a teacher. I nodded and agreed with him. P2 who was mostly sitting quite and was going through my BioData till now started with his questions.

    P2: Where is CPRI located?

    A: Bangalore.

    P2: What was your paper?

    A:. Explained it.

    P2: Why DC series motor shouldn’t be started on no load?

    A: Explained all the points.

    P2: Which motor is used in locomotive engines?

    A: DC series motor.

    P2: How AC is converted to DC?

    A. Converter and Cycloconverter. *I forgot to mention rectifier. He was expecting it, prompted me too. But I couldn’t recall.*

    At this point, P3 asked How does a motor starts! But P2 asked him to let me answer this question first.

    P2: Principle of Cycloconverter.

    A: Explained. *Stammered a bit here, was not sure at all if I was correct, but they didn’t grilled further on that.*

    P2: You passed out in 2016, what did you do after passing out your UG?

    A: Was preparing for CAT, Sir.

    P2: What is Snell’s law?

    A: Explained. *I used the word medium instead of media. P3 pointed out that. I accepted my mistake.*

    P3: Situation test. You found a person lying on a highway in an accident. What will you do?

    A: Talked about first aid basics, CPR. Will call for medical help and police assistance.

    P3: What numbers will you call?

    A: 100. *P3 asked 100 for ambulance?* I said no sir, 108 for ambulance.

    At this time, P1 and P2 were discussing something.

    P2: Draw normal distribution curve.

    A: Drew and explained. Explained the deviation and sigma standard too. *Forgot to label the axes though. My bad!*

    P3: How much accuracy 3 sigma and 1 sigma have?

    A: 3 sigma I said 98.4. *P3 corrected me that it’s 99.4.* 1 sigma I said 68.

    P2: What does sigma standard mean? Where it is used?

    A: Discussed about accuracy and defects in huge lots of productions and quality control and supply chains.

    P3: What’s the accuracy in 6 sigma?

    A: 3 defects in 1 million samples.

    P1 said, Thank you, you may go now. Have a candy!

    Took a candy, said thank you to them, moved out of the hall.

    The PI lasted for around 15 minutes. No generic questions, no behavioral questions.

    P.S.: It was my second interview only. Better if you guys can give some insights as on how it went overall. How much you will rate such a GD and PI? Thanks!