GD/PI | Who is Your Favorite Poet?

XLRI HRM GD/PI experience

8:45 am on 1.03.2017 in the XLRI campus, Jamshedpur

Profile CBSE (Xth) : 87.6 / (XIIth) : 79.4 / B Tech (EEE) from KIIT University Bhubaneswar : 8.28XAT : 95.6 / GK : 97.3 / Work Ex. 2 yr 7 mths in WIPRO.

XAT : 95.6 / GK : 97.3 / Work Ex. 2 yr 7 mths in WIPRO.

GD topic : 5 years of service in rural India should be made compulsory post-MBA

In GD 2-3 guys were constantly speaking without even listening or discussing others points. I started the GD, gave 2-3 inputs, as a group we were able to present all the points and rank them as well.

I was in the morning batch, but since only 2 of us were there, the panelists took our interview alone and asked us to join in the afternoon batch for the GD. SO, my GD was after the interview (I don’t know it’s positive or negative).

Now the interview, it lasted well over 30 mins, as only two of us were there for the morning slot, the panelists had ample time at their disposal ?

P1- very senior faculty; P2 – a charming and smiling lady; P3 – a XLRI alumni, quite young.

P1 started the interview: so what you are doing now? (As I had left my job in Nov 2016).

Me: I am helping my father in his business.

P1: so what have you prepared for this interview?

Initially I just said “not much”, but immediately he cut me off and said, It’s XLRI interview how come you are not prepared and smiled.

Me: then I said, sir, I have prepared, I have HRM by Mr. K. Aswathappa and have introspected a lot.

Since I write and read Hindi poems, also my video was on Hindi poetry, P1 asked me this ;

P1: who is your favorite poet?

Me: Sir, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar.

P1: But, he always writes about fighting and bloodshed, why do you like him?

Me: I explained about his way of poetry and I recited one of his poems and explained the meaning to him.

P1 knew about poetry, a lot!!

P1: but he is the same person who has also written this – he said 2 lines in Hindi which were of pessimistic view

Me: I said, I haven’t read this line and I don’t support this view as well and then I explained that, poetry is all about the poets emotion at that time, the poet might would have been facing some issues in his life so he would have written these lines.

P1: suppose you become a HR, and one of your reportees writes poems in his diary. And he/she has shown that to you, and u see that some depressing and pessimistic lines are written there, what will you do?

Me: first of all I will appreciate the person, for being able to write such lines and then would ask if he/she is facing any issues at work or in personal life and try and resolve it.

P1 looked at P2 and said I am done, over to you!!

P2: she took my questionnaire and asked me why you are influenced so much by your father?

Me: because of his strong moral values.

P2: what are bad moral values?

Me: greed, thinking bad about people, etc..

P2: give me one example, where u learnt something from your father

Me: gave an example

P2: but this is about punctuality, tell me something about his moral values

Me: again gave an example

P2: but this about his business, something about moral values.

Me: gave another and last example, where my father held his moral values when there was an opportunity to make fast and wrong money.

P2: good, so did you even apply this?

Me, yes mam, I gave an story, in 2012, we had participated in an international competition “Shell Eco Marathon”, we had to make a super-mileage vehicle, college was sponsoring all our funds, so few of my team-mates, asked to put up more costs so that we can make some profit, and I opposed it and made sure that didn’t happen.

P2: she asked me about my work, which was knowledge management and resource management (both HR functions).

Me: I answered them quite well.

P2 looks at P3 amd says, I am done over to you!!

P3: Anurag, so you are an EEE engineer, tell me about pulse code modulation and tome modulation?

Me : I don’t know sir, It’s been over 2 years, I can vaguely recall the graphs but exact answer I don’t know. (I was showing the graphs with my hand)

P3: okay, answer me this question:  why is there a sag in the transmission lines?

Me: I said, that it expands and contacts depending on the weather conditions so the sag is there.

P3: this is a physical reason, tell me something else.

Me: Sir, I vaguely remember the formula for it, but exactly what is the reason, I am not able to recall. And then I smiled and said, sir, to minimize transmission losses.

All the 3 panelists laughed!!

P3: which was the best moment in your life?

Me: When I went to Malaysia to participate in Shell eco marathon.

P3: why, give me one reason, fast?

Me: Because of the 121 teams, from all over the Asia-Pacific region, I was the only participant from 2nd yr engineering, everyone was 3rd or 4th yr.

P3: one more reason, fast

Me: because we were able to clear all the technical inspection tests of our car, in the first round itself.

P3: one more

Me: said

p3: one more

Me: said

P3: now rank all the 4 points in order.

Me: done and the rapid fire ended.

P1: Anurag, is there anything you want to ask?

Me: sir, I have met some XLRI alumnis, I could see they are very humble, what is the one quality that you feel, XLRI gives to its students and it remains with them all their life?

P1: I am not an alumni, I never studied here, pointed to P3 and said, he has studied here, ask him…

P3: yes we are all very humble and the one trait is, our quest for excellence, you can read the book “Good to great”

P2: Anurag, what do you think, how was your interview?

Me: mam, I feel happy, I was able to speak all what I had in mind and I am happy.

They all said thank you.. and that’s it.

I feel, My XAT score might drag my chances down !!