GD/PI | What is Shannon?

X – 90.4

XII – 94.4

Grad – 8.88 CGPA in B.E

Work ex – 7 months in IT

XAT score – 99.74

GK – 95.xx


GD Topic: Do you think MPs and MLAs should have graduation as the bare minimum of education (Went on to 50 mins even though it’s usually supposed to be 40)


Where are you from?

What do you do? (Long Explanation about the job itself, and the responsibilities.

Mentioned “cryptology techniques” as a keyword)

Do you have a team? (Yes but the team is mostly managers, I am the only person who implements)

Is there any disagreement in your team? (Yes but only minor disagreements)

Has there ever been another time where there was a disagreement, how did you get out of that (This was a question in the questionnaire. Gave the same answer, but explained in detail)

P2. You mentioned cryptology techniques, can you name some (listed 5)

Okay now out of these 5 how will you rank them (Gave two measures)

    confused* I’m asking for measures [P2 had confused one measure as a type of security technique, P1 points it out]

    Okay so how do you rank the first measure (Sir in terms of data leakage and performance loss)

    P1. What do you mean by performance loss (explained)

    P2. So how do you measure data leakage, in what units (It’s actually measured in terms of a probability.)

    P2. But then what is Shannon…what is that? (Sir I don’t know but those are completely different measures, it’s not

    Related..*p2 cuts me off and asks p3 to question me*)

    P3. You’ve mentioned you got into BITS for engineering but chose not to go. That is confusing why not? (Explained staying at home was good in the long run because it led to opportunities even though at the time I wasn’t happy)

    P1. So today you are happy so it wasn’t a bad decision. What if those opportunities hadn’t worked out, who would you blame?

    (I had answered this in one of my questionnaire questions, gave the same answer)

    P2/3 (can’t remember) you’ve said that you got a govt. subsidized seat of your choice, don’t you think it will be a loss

    [Vague question hangs in the air, not able to understand it. I assume he means won’t I be taking the govt subsidy and not giving back to the community]

    (No sir I want to do IT product management which would put me back in Bangalore and therefore no loss to anyone)

    P1. Okay thanks, please take a toffee

    I was 3rd to be interviewed. Everyone before me had the same format. First job profile and then questions related to the questionnaire.