GD/PI | What do you think of Flying Cars?


OA: 97.76

VA: 98.88

LRDI: 95.69

QA: 88.86

Profile: Btech. (Mechanical Engg.)

10th:  93.1%, 12th:  94.4%, Grad: 9.18 / 82%, Work ex: 04 months, Sector: R&D, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Venue: HMATC Mumbai Slot: 25 March (Afternoon) Panel: 2

WAT: Indians work better as individuals than in teams

GD: Topic same as WAT. Everyone was against the motion. Pitched in 4-5 times with some relevant points.

PI: male (~45 years and 38 years)…was 9th to be interviewed (second last)

M1: So, Prashant….Introduce yourself

Me: Told about my work ex, family bg and grad.

M2: I can’t find ur academic scores in your form

Me: It was not printed probably (then told them myself)

M1: Are tum toh padhne wale aadmi ho bhai..Acha toh tum fir iss saal toh promotion nahi le paaoge company me….

Me: Sir why?

M1: Coz you will leave ur company and go to mdi

Me: Obviously sir for MDI I’ll leave my job

Then asked some questions about industry and competitors of M&M which I answered.

M2: What do you think of flying cars?

Me: As of now its not that safe..

M1: So you are saying it is more unsafe than a drunk uber driver?

Me: No sir, drunk driver is a case 1/100….plus I am worried abt technical reasons then they grilled for abt 2 mins. on same topic.

M1: Why did Mahindra choose Ajay Devgn for ad?

Me: Coz he is a man having charisma enough to woo traditional industries like commercial vehicles

M2: Who do you think could substitute him?

Me: My best bet wud be Irrfan Khan…

M1: Why so?

Me: Coz he is man who relates to character like Ajay in most efficient and serious manner.

M2: What is premium trucking used for?

Me: Answered but could not convince them. Grilled on same ques. for abt 3-4 mins.

M1: So thank you Prashant.

It lasted for abt 10-14 minutes.

In my views WAT: 6/10, GD: 6/10 Interview: 6/10

Still confused abt everything…fingers crossed…..