GD/PI | What Advice Would You Give to Sikka?

MDI interview experience

Cat- 99.56

Wat gd– Are MNC’s superior to Indian companies?

It went okay. Spoke a couple of times

PI experience. 2 panelist.  One male. One lady.

P- So you are from durgapur?

P- Where does your father work?

P- Where is he now?

P- You are from computer science background? Sir aap ka hain. Ap hi lo

P- So what do you know well?

Sir software engineering and OS

P- What is software?

Sdlc, cost estimation, Test

P- What are the various tests?


P- What is iterative model?


P- How can you make the software when a customer keeps adding functionalities?

Ispe 5 min baat hua

P- Suppose you work for Infosys. What advice would you give to Sikka?

Advice about?

P- You know about the US thing right?

The visa issue?

Told about the visa.  And what can I do.

Was interrupted twice saying that stop thinking like a manager. You can do that once you enter a Bschool. Tell me from a software engineer’s perspective

Told. Was not convincing.

P- What do you know from OS?

Here I fumbled a bit after the sikka question.

P- Take your time. Do you want water?

No sir I am okay.

Told scheduling, Critical section, Unix Linux

P- What is the difference between Unix and Linux?


P- Why do we need open source code?


P- If it is an open source code. Everyone can change it right?

Sir we can download the source code and then we do our changes. Examples- Ubuntu, Redhat

P- So what if someone changes the source code? What will happen then? Anyone can do that?

Sir in that case we have a set of moderators who look after the source code and any unwanted changes can be removed.

P- Okay we are done.

Done. No why mba. No percentile and calls.

Mdi ka sapna khatam. On to other calls.