GD/PI | Right Now Don’t Go To Jail, Go For MBA!!

IIM Kozhikode

My GD/WAT Topic: Private sector promotes employability whereas public sector promotes employment. Had a decent GD and WAT.

Interview: Two panelists. M1 and M2.

M1: Vishal you are a loser (laughingly)

I: Sorry Sir, But why do you think so?

M1: You support Arsenal. It hardly wins any trophy..

I: Sir my favourite team doesn’t has to the best team in the world. I love the way Arsenal plays and I respect their philosophy of building team instead of buying success. And sir with your logic teams like Sunderland, Stoke City should have no supporter.

M1. But still you are a loser. You should support Chelsea. It’s my favourite team.

I: Agreed that Chelsea is a great team yet it finished way below Arsenal in the past season. (M2 Smiles)

M1: Okay, What’s your favorite movie? (I had mentioned it as my hobby)

I: Braveheart and I told them about its plot.

M1: So you like Braveheart, with that logic you should support independence of Kashmir? (We had a long discussion about this. He mentioned about how about 1.2 lakhs of Kashmiris have been killed since 1987. I said we should try to create an awareness among our people about these atrocities and try to reach a consensus on this issue. He said that it’s a Noble view but don’t say that in public. You can be jailed for this. I replied that being a citizen of India it’s my responsibility to create an awareness among our people and I am willing to go to jail for this.

He said “Right now don’t go to jail, go for MBA”) Till the interview was going fine. Then M2 started asking questions related to my grad subjects. I wasn’t able to answer some of them. He asked few questions about general awareness, I answered some of them.

M1: Vishal, how much would you rate yourself in this interview?

I: Sir, I would give myself a 6.

M1: Why? I would have given you a 8.You talked about Kashmir, Braveheart, Arsenal..

I: Yes sir, but I wasn’t able to answer some basic general awareness questions, which I should have answered.

M1: Okay, we would give you a 6 (Smilingly). Thank you! You can leave now.

Cat, 10th, 12th, Grads – – 99.55, 90.6, 76,75. What do you think guys??