GD/PI Rewind: You opted for Engineering on your own or Someone pushed You into this?


CAT _ 85.12 (NCOBC) (VA/DI/QA-76.05/77.73/90.06)

Work Ex- 7 Months (GRE/GMAT/SAT instructor – Quant)

Acads – 72/68/66

Date and Venue: 2nd March, Hotel Shelter, Chennai

WAT: More than 50% of people who study medicine are women. Yet, only 17% of them practice medicine. What do u think about this disparity? How will u redress this issue? – Wrote something couldn’t think much.

I’m the 1st one to be interviewed. Panel no: 1. There were 2 professors both of them are 40+ . Let one be P1 and other be P2.

P1- Looks jovial

P2- Not strict but kinda silent. Probably watching my mannerism

Then Me – Clueless

P1 called me in greeted them and he asked me to take a seat

P1: How do u think MBA will influence ur personal life?

Me: Answered y MBA

P1: (interrupted in between) I asked u in ur personal life.

Me: Coming to that sir, Explained.

P1: What are the colors in our National Flag?

Me: Answered

P1: Significance?

Me: Saffron- Hindus, White- Peace and Green- Muslims. So peace between Hindus and Muslims (Based on random idiotic FB post :/)

P1: Is that so? (In a mocking tone)

Me: Sir, white represents peace. Green – prosperity.

P1: Much better than Hindu Muslim thing . Saffron?

Me: Sorry sir couldn’t recollect.

P2: Color of the Asoka chakra?

Me: Blue.

P2: Significance?

Me: Sorry sir couldn’t recollect.

P2: What is this XXX in your personal form (NAME OF MY COMPANY)

Me: Explained

P2: So u teach math?

Me: Yes

P2: Answer this question (When a number is increased by 5 it should be divisible by some x,y,z numbers. couldn’t remember the numbers. gimme 1 such number)

Me: (Y such a ques? after all we cracked CAT So we will be doing it for sure) Still answered and explained,

p2: What is the probability that there will be 53 Sundays in a leap year?

Me: Answered & explained,

p1: Are you interested in sports?

Me: Not much sir

p1: Do u know how a round robin tournament and knock out tournament works?

Me: Yes

P1: Say there were 128 teams in a knock out tournament. Are reqd to recognize the winner?

I started writing 64, 32. In my scratch paper

P1: This is fine. But this is the shrewd way of doing this question. Try to answer without using maths

Me: Answered and explained,

P1: tell me something that is not there in your personal form.

Me: I am Dhanushan

P1: that is there in the form

Me: (Smiled sheepishly) Told about my interest in breeding and raising fresh water ornamental fishes. And what I do

P1: So you cross breed?

Me: No sir line breeding

P1: What is the difference?

Me: Explained

P2: Why is it necessary?

Me: Explained

P2: What is a trait?

Me: Explained

P1: What else u do?

Me: Cook

P1: Those fishes?

Me: No sir not them

they are ornamental

p1: How is the fishing industry in your place?

Me: Explained (I knew a bit coz my cousin is running a fish farm)

P1: Do u study biology in your school days? I wanna ask u this question coz u breed fishes.

Me: Yes sir

P1: What is the difference between dominant and recessive traits?

Me: Explained (as much as I could recollect)

P1: So what do u do in ur college other than studying?

Me: Told about being a treasurer in my dept

P1: Some ques about my role and how I conducted events

Me: Explained

P1: So after all those fishing and events. No wonder ur marks are low

I don’t wanna ask any ques from ur graduation

(I secretly felt happy, Guess he had read my thots :p)

P1: u opted for engineering on your own? Or some1 pushed u into this?

Me: (Badly wanna say yes, But still refrain myself from doing so) It’s not like someone pushed me into it. I was young then so after getting suggestions from people I know I opted for it.

P1: Fav subject?

Me: Semiconductor devices.

P1: Let it be.. When u r doing MBA u need have a proper track of current affairs and will u be able to manage that? After all u didn’t even know what is the significance of color saffron in our flag

Me: Sir I have been reading news, being active in quora, I do see encapsulated videos. And I started developing interest in it

P1: Ur fav domain? Like politics, business, economics, cinema, sports?

Me: Politics sir

P1: What about cinemas and sports? Ain’t interested in that?

Me: I like cinemas too. But I watch mostly regional movies (Keeping about Oscars in mind

Don’t wanna put myself into trouble)

P1: Tamil?

Me: Yes

P1: No prob, Every 1 has their opinion. Gimme 2 current affairs

Me: JNU and JAT agitation

P1: Anything common between these 2 issues?

Me: Both are threat to our nation

P1: When I fuelled my car and roamed aimlessly. Even this is a threat coz I’m wasting the resources. Temme something else

Me: Told that it has some political motive and give my views on it.

P1: Thank u. U can leave now

Me: Thank u

P2: Thank U

Glad it is not a stress interview. And I guess most of the questions will be asked on ur previous answers. I have no ideas what is their perception on me.