I was not sure, whether to appear for the interview, finally decided to go for it at the last moment. (5star hai, kuch cookie samose hi mil jaye) I got late by half an hour.

Venue: Jay Pee Siddarth, Rajendra Palace,New Delhi

Slot: 12:30 PM, 03/03/2016, Panel 5 (last room before balcony)

Reached at 1 PM, I was attesting my documents then asked by panel member to be in line and do it later.

Before WAT, I was advised by panel member not be nervous as I was sweating (because I had to run to reach on time, wasn’t nervous). I said it’s a bit hot today and smiled.

WAT Topic: Why youngsters don’t take part in politics actively. How can they take part, suggest some points.

I was the first one to be called for interview, so when P1 came outside to call, I was again not around, was drinking water, I politely said him I am coming from around 30 metres.


Just when I entered (smiling)

P1 : tell me, are you always this much casual ?

ME: No sir. I don’t take things literally. I was sweating because I had to run a bit to reach as I was running late.

P1 : Why so ?

Me : Sir because of this Jat Quota stir, today some transportation problem was there on GT Road . Even shops were closed at my place. Couldn’t make photocopies too.

P2: is everything alright? Road ab thik toh hai. Chalu toh hai na (He was worried, I guess he had to go home :p)

ME: yes sir all fine now I guess.

P1: What is your take on demands on Jat quota ?

Me: rta rtaya gyan. How uneducated third persons are doing things in the name of quota and stuff.

P2: how do you rate your college XYZ is it the best in Haryana?

Me: No sir, not the best. There is NIT kurukshetra after that It can be counted.

P2: were there any casualties? – TOLD

P1: any workex ? (TOLD) still working? (No sir, left in July) Why?

ME: Actually sir I am central excise & customs inspector now. About to join in a month.

P2 : are. Then why are you coming here ? kitna package hai ? (sir round 7.5 Lakhs including the perks) 50k se upar hi hoga na. kyuu aa rhe ho yahan.

Me: Sir for me, at this learning stage of my life, education comes first, jobs I can do at any point of time of life, but if I get education here now I can apply that knowledge to my life including 2 additional years.

P2: still yaar you can do executive MBA from any other good college side by side. Itni hurry kya hai ?

ME: No sir, the quality of full time MBA from IIMs is unmatched and I am still young I have time to do FT MBA, Moreover I can do Job after 2 years too, I can crack exam two years later too, I have caliber.

P1: hmm still I would recommend you the other.

P2 : Why should we take you ?

ME : Sir I come from a diverse background, I am a chemical engineer with workex in IT then would be working as excise inspector, I can easily mix with people and can be a great peer with background of diversity. I am very quick learner have been adapting myself to situations since childhood.

P1: (opening the file) opens second semester mark-sheet. Ok tell me what you read in Process Engineering Economics.

ME: waited for 4 seconds (thinking bhai dimag toh thik hai na tera ? Harvey spector se baat kr rha hai tu

) told that read different situation based projects to come to yields and essentials of different processes to come to different cost analytic conclusions ( I didn’t know what I read btech was dabba )

P2: ok write some methods, take this notepad. Take this pen (I interrupted and said sir I have my own pen. ( hwabazi me parker ka pen nikala)

Me : man toh kar rha tha notepad pe battaq and jhopdi bna dun. Then thought inko ghanta pta hoga, lekin ye bhi nh pta tha likhu kya. Koi method kbhi pdha ho to likhu. Actually sir there is nothing to be written. It was like. Suppose you (pointing to P1) and I are making benzene. There are three ways to make it depending on the location and availability of resources and the given conditions, cost analysis is done and quality wise decision is made as per requirement.

( P2 extremely happy)

P1: so there was no such method ?

Me : nothing as such I remember.

P1 : ok do you remember there was a news few years back some XYZ guy made a fridge from clay which worked absolutely fine.

Me: No idea sir but he must have used some isolated system. Then said must be like a MATKA.

P1: yes he put water above and below the clay .

ME: yes sir then the temp would have become constant and vegetables would remain at constant temp.( convinced) everyone smiling.

P1: last question, which IIM would you prefer ?

ME: all are same Ranchi, is good Udaipur is good, Rohtak I might have to ponder about .

P1: why ? vo infact sbe pas hai ?

ME: Sir I have seen the situation with my bare eyes. Who knows there might be a strike again. And they are targeting things which affect gov the most.

P1 : why would it happen again ?

ME : Sir, this is not settled everyone of us knows that, With this hooliganism, Jats will never be given quota as it will give rise to other castes in different states too as doing crime to meet some not so justified demand, our system can be unjust but not blind. And with that it is bound to happen again!

P1: can’t be more specific.

Was about to leave.

P1 : one more question . Any extracurricular activity?

ME: chess, tennis in Infosys.

P1: anything national of Olympiad or sports?

ME: ( thinking bhai pass to mushqil se hue hain gali mei kutte bhi nhi jante kahan se national.) no sir I play cricket every day to keep body sound. That’s all

Preparation – 0/5

Verdict – Offer letters from all IIMs Rohtak, Raipur, Udaipur, Trichy, Kashipur, Ranchi, Nagpur and rest new IIMs . Best feeling of life.

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