GD/PI | Marketing Guy, Sales Guy & Product R&D Engineer. Who is the Most Important?

MDI Interview March 10, 2017

OA : 94.91

VA: 86.40

LR: 95.69

QA: 93.83

10th : 88%, 12th : 89%, Btech CSE 9.25/10

Work Ex: 29 months till Dec 2016 as a Networking Consultant

GD/WAT: Is remixing in music a good trend?

WAT: Good

GD: Good (contributed 5-6 good points in favour of tasteful remixing)

PI: panel – 2 males ( P1 middle aged and P2 young)

P1: Aur batao..

Me: Told about myself , work ex, grad and schooling , hobbies and Music and how I could relate to the GD topic.

P1: Haan yaar, I was upset to hear everyone supporting remixing.

Gave some negative examples of remixing…

Me: Supported my stand in favor of tasteful remixing.

P1: Alright. There is a Marketing guy, sales guy and product R&D engineer. Who is the most important? Saare imp mat bolna.

Me: Commented on the significance of each and concluded that the Marketing guy being most imp in my opinion as market research will help the rest to begin working on the product and eventually sell.

P1 to P2 …ab aapki baari.

P2 was silent till now and probably looking at my form / WAT sheet.

P2: Take this paper and pencil and draw 4 points that are equidistant to each other.

Me: (thought for a cpl of secs) I cannot think of any such that can drawn.

P2: Are you thinking in 2D?

Me: yes

P2: Now think in 3D.

Me: Answered, Triangular base pyramid.

P2: You have 2 jugs, 2L and 5L. How will you measure 4 L.

Me: Answered.

P2: Now make these jugs 3L and 5L

Me: (Asked for some time to think around 30secs) Answered.

P1, P2 smiling..P2 to P1: Anything else, sir?

P1: No. I am done. Do you have any questions for us?

Me: Asked 2 questions. 1 around student clubs and the other around industrial guest lectures.

P1: Thanks, you can leave.

Thought the GD/WAT/PI went well. Not sure whether my percentile is good enough though.

Can anyone explain how the CAT score is weighted (say at 60%)

Is 300 marks = 60 or is it the highest marks of the individual who has applied to MDI?