GD/PI | How Many Girlfriends you’ve had Till Date?





Engineering: till 7th sem CGPA 9.38

Fresher Chemical Engineer

XAT: 96.958

GD: topic was “social entrepreneurship is an oxymoron”

As topic was comparatively difficult the discussion went silent in 40 minutes of specified time many times.

I entered the discussion late. Added 3 4 valuable points on which discussion was done and we were able to structure GD as per the specified format.

PI experience:

3 panelists, all male.

Would call them L M R.

I entered the room and greeted them.

L: showed my questionnaire and asked to find mistake in that.

Me: Asked if it’s grammatical error?

L:1 chance gone, 2 left.

I tried but couldn’t find any, then He told that everything is in CAPS

(I was like what a welcome)

M: Asked about college.

Me: told

M: asked about median marks of my college and my rank in college

Me: told

R: asked questions from questionnaire

Me: answered satisfactorily

R: Why are some people in Gujarat are not happy With Modi despite BJP having very strong presence in Gujarat.

Me: In democracy no one is accepted ubiquitously and people have their personal reasons. Justified with example of my grandmother.

R: are you supporter of Modi?

I replied positively.

L: Tell us 3 shortcomings of Modi.

Me: told 2 shortcomings and R interrupted.

R: Tell us any 2 instances of your life of past 2 years where you didn’t give your 100%.

Me: told and mentioned control valves in one of them.

L: Tell me what is butterfly valve?

Me: told

L: I want to pass CO in a line, which valve will you use?

Me: it will depend on application sir.

L: Decide based on just CO.

Me: We cannot use gate and globe valve as there will be problem of leakage with Gas and CO is non corrosive in nature so Ball valve will do.

M: Tell us about an instance where you didn’t follow your professor’s advice and succeeded.

Me: told one such incident related to my final year project.

M: how did you decide you was successful?

Me: based on my scores.

M: but your college voice marks easily.

Me: it’s not like that sir, Yes I agree is easy to score till some extent but to score beyond 9 is certainly not easy.

M: asked about my plans.

Me: told, no cross questioning on that.

M: we’re done.

I was collecting my file and stuff.

Suddenly from nowhere

L: how many girlfriends you’ve had till date?

Me: shocked but told.

L: what is your vision in this manner?

Me: sir no vision in this regards and there were laughs all around.

Time: Somewhere around 25 mins.