GD/PI | At this point I saw P1 sleeping, I don’t know if ….

XLRI HRM Bangalore 5th March 1:45

10th/12th/Grad: 95.8/85.8/83.7 (B.E. in IT); 1.5 years work ex at Oracle

XAT Score: 98.049; GK: 82.466; Essay: Okayish

GD: Role of HR managers is to keep all employees happy

GD went well. We were able to complete the process, as mentioned in the notice on time. I gave a lot of examples/case studies for companies giving special care to women, policies for harassment, how companies provide benefit plans according to demographics of the employees.

PI: 3 Panelists. Two male (P1, P2) and one sister (P3).

P1: So, you mentioned traveling to the Meghalaya in your video. When did you go there and why did you choose Meghalaya?

Me: During my college years. Explained that chose it for the scenic beauty and since the culture is very different than ours

P1: So do you know they have a matriarchal society

Me: No I did not know that.

P1: Oh you did not know that? Explained what a matriarchal society means.

Me: (smiling) I did not know that, but that’s so great!

P1: Which aspect of technology would you like to work on from now

Me: Told them I work on financial applications. I do not wanted to be working in the IT domain, but if I do keep working here, I would like to work somewhere where there are a lot of opportunities to innovate. Explained how creating new applications which would solve new problems would interest me

P1: So you mentioned a startup in your questionnaire, what was your idea and why was it rejected.

Me: Explained it. One more counter question on that. Gave the answer.

P2: So you mentioned the law for decriminalising domestic violence in Russia. Tell me why Putin did that.

Me: Mentioned that they believe it is their tradition to hit women and children. They feel it’s their right. (He kept interrupting me whenever I said a point. Did not let me explain, asked for another point)

P2: Now defend Putin on this. You can see this from the Indian perspective, I am just giving you a hint

Me: Explained that laws of this nature are misused many a times, like in India for domestic violence and dowry system laws.

At this point I saw P1 sleeping, I don’t know if he was bluffing or actually sleeping

P3: What impact did you have on your team or organisation during your work ex of 20 months?

Me: Explained tools that I had made apart from my general work which made some work convenient for the team. They asked non-technical, I said I have a code which sends me an email notification whenever somebody’s birthday is coming up and so we organize a birthday celebration for them

P3: I see you have a lot of certificates in your school time, but none during college. Did you not contribute?

Me: Mentioned dancing and NSS. Mentioned I taught underprivileged children all 4 years.

P2: So are you still continuing any of this.

Me: Yes sir, I am a part of Oracle volunteers

P3: What activities have you done?

Me: Mentioned 2-3 activities.

P3: Okay. Thank you! Is there anything else that you would like to tell us. Which you would want to tell us for making your candidature stronger.

Me: I would like to mention why I want a shift from IT to HR. Explained that I felt that right now I am only making an impact to the company’s product or market value, but I want to be impacting people’s lives as well.

P2(interrupting): But your first choice is BM?

Me: (I didn’t know that we had given preferences) No sir, my first choice is HRM (almost by reflex)

P2: No it is BM (showed me a paper). Did you get a call for BM?

Me: Yes sir. While filling the form I might not have realised.

P2: (interrupting) That’s okay. We heard what you said during the GD (with an angry expression) Thank you

The sister offered me a candy. The sister was smiling all the time. P2 seemed a little agitated with me towards the end. P1 was sleeping during other people’s interview as well, so he might be bluffing. I am guessing he said “We heard what you said during the GD” because I had mentioned a lot of examples during the GD of HR impacting the lives of employees, but I don’t know why he was angry about that. My interview went on for about 18 minutes, which was the average for my panel. All the best everyone! ?